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    Don’t wait too long – Content by Judy

    Do we wait too long?
    To look….
    At ourselves and see ourselves as we really are? Not as we still think we are.
    Our housing and does it fit the life we will live in the future? Will we age well and safely where we are?
    Our income? Do we have enough? Will the money last or will we outlive our savings?
    Our own fragility? How will we manage and cope? When will we speak up and say I’m no longer safe on my own?

    We have a tendency to wait too long to “live” as well. We say, “We’ll travel when we retire”, “We’ll downsize and move when we retire”, “Oh, I’ll figure that out after I retire”

    Let’s revisit all of that. Let’s start planning today how we will live our lives to the fullest. Don’t put things off. Make modifications to your home as the years go by. Have most of it done before you retire. Start traveling as soon as the kids are independent and some of your money is freed up. Travel while you are healthy and able to. It’s a whole lot more fun to explore the world before you experience health issues.
    Start now thinking about what you’ll do each day, all day once you are not working. You’ll have a lot of hours and days to fill up. Do you want to learn new skills? Watch your grandchildren? Volunteer and where will you volunteer? Find a new job? Start a new career?
    Don’t wait too long. Life can pass us by. We can only wish once those days and years are behind us. Live life to the fullest and start that living right now!!


    Time: 12:00pm

    At the East Lyme Senior Center
    Money collected will be raffled off!!

    Hamburger, Hot Dog, Salads and Desserts are all provided by the Niantic Rotary Club.

    Musical Entertainment by Music Mania Ralph Sacco.

    Must register for this event by July 7th.

    A COMMUNITY READ of the Declaration of Independence – Tuesday, July 3rd

    Time: 3:30pm
    Sponsored by the East Lyme Senior Center, the East Lyme Public Library,
    the Smith-Harris House, East Lyme Parks & Recreation, and the Book Group.
    Celebrate the Fourth by hearing these powerful works in good company.
    If you would like to read, come at 3pm to sign up for your section.

    Light refreshments and conversation to follow.

    At the East Lyme Senior Center

    Thursday, June 28th – BEGINNER GOLF LESSONS

    Time: 10:00am

    East Lyme Driving Range
    Thu, June 28th
    5 weeks

    Clubs are available if needed. If you have your own, bring a Pitching or Sand Wedge/7 Iron/and a Wood. Registration begins June 1st.