Tuesday, July 10th – lots to do and enjoy here!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday July 10th, will be jam packed here.

    We have the Club 55 meetings, we have TRIAD Tuesday to ask your police related questions at, Liver and Onions is the featured menu item and to top it off we have free cell phone help 1-230 pm in our computer center.

    WALK with EASE- More than just walking on your own

    Groton Senior Center presents WALK with EASE- More than just walking on your own.

    This program designed by the Arthritis Foundation is a walking program proven to reduce pain and improve your overall health.  You can sign up for a 6 week walking program with an instructor or choose to sign up and follow the program independently.  All participants will receive a pedometer and workbook.  Pre and post-test are done for both types.

    Certified Instructor led class focuses on reducing pain and discomfort of joints; increase balance, strength and walking pace; build confidence in your ability to exercise. A great way to begin a regular exercise routine. Cost: $54 per person for 3 days per week for 6 weeks

    Class Schedule:

    July 16 – August 24, Mon-Wed-Fri, 11:35 am, Groton Senior Center

    Rainy days will be held indoors at the Groton Senior Center


    Independent Program – You purchase class materials and follow program on your own.

    Cost: $8.00  You can register anytime.  If you decide you need a class, the $8 will be applied to your fee.

    For more information, call the Groton Senior Center at 860-441-6785. Register at the center or online at

    Sponsored by the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance

    Don’t wait too long – Content by Judy

    Do we wait too long?

    To look….

    At ourselves and see ourselves as we really are? Not as we still think we are.

    Our housing and does it fit the life we will live in the future? Will we age well and safely where we are?

    Our income? Do we have enough? Will the money last or will we outlive our savings?

    Our own fragility? How will we manage and cope? When will we speak up and say I’m no longer safe on my own?


    We have a tendency to wait too long to “live” as well. We say, “We’ll travel when we retire”, “We’ll downsize and move when we retire”, “Oh, I’ll figure that out after I retire”


    Let’s revisit all of that. Let’s start planning today how we will live our lives to the fullest. Don’t put things off. Make modifications to your home as the years go by. Have most of it done before you retire. Start traveling as soon as the kids are independent and some of your money is freed up. Travel while you are healthy and able to. It’s a whole lot more fun to explore the world before you experience health issues.

    Start now thinking about what you’ll do each day, all day once you are not working. You’ll have a lot of hours and days to fill up. Do you want to learn new skills? Watch your grandchildren? Volunteer and where will you volunteer? Find a new job? Start a new career?

    Don’t wait too long. Life can pass us by. We can only wish once those days and years are behind us. Live life to the fullest and start that living right now!!

    Coming in the Fall

    Fall Luncheon 

    Coffee with …. 

    TRIAD Spaghetti Dinner 

    Groton Rotary Dinner

     River Cruise & Goodspeed show 

    Flu Shot Clinic 

    Groton Fall Festival 

    Day in NYC 

    G.R.T. — Bonnie & Clyde 

    YNHH Mammo Bus 

    HAM radio class



    Wednesday, July 4th

    10 AM US Route 1 – Groton

    This hometown event celebrates America’s independence and brings together dozens of local business, civic, youth sports and other organizations for an old-fashioned parade.  Join us for the 39th annual 4th of July Parade.  This year’s parade theme is “Groton- A Great American Town.”