Danube River Cruise 2019 trip

    Please join us October 22nd at 1-2 pm for our trip presentation on our 2019 tour: Danube River Cruise featuring a 7-night Danube River Cruise (September 2019).

    This is free yet registration is required. RSVP 860-441-6785

    Tripping to Colorado and the Danube River


    Colorado Rockies featuring National Parks & Historic Trains

    Thursday Oct 11th at 10 am


    Discover the Classic Danube featuring a 7-night Danube River Cruise

    Monday, OCT 22nd   1-2 PM


    FREE but Registration is required!  860-441-6785


    Saturday, November 17th- Club 55 Harvest Bazaar

    Time: 9:ooam- 1:00pm

    Club 55’s annual fundraiser is looking for donations of hand made craft items to sell. If you knit, sew, or do any other type of craft, please leave your name and number at the front desk. ONLY handmade crafts please.

    Chronic Pain WORKSHOP

    Chronic Pain WORKSHOP

    The Chronic Pain Self-Management Program is a FREE six-week program that teaches techniques and strategies proven to help those living with constant pain.

    Learn about pain management including:

    • Developing an action plan
    • Communicate better with your healthcare provider
    • The moving easy exercise program
    • Managing common symptoms
    • Using your mind to manage pain

    These are just some of the topics covered!

    Program dates: Tuesdays, November 13, 20, 27, & Dec. 4, 11, & 18,

    Time:  1:00pm – 3:30pm

    Location: Groton Senior Center 102 Newtown Rd, Groton, CT 06340


    Fee: No Cost (The book, “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain” is available on loan or can be purchased for $25)


    To register call: Groton Senior Center (860) 441-6785

    Be an advocate. Be a voice. – CONTENT BY JUDY

    As we proceed towards the November elections, we’ll hear lots and lots of chatter. Some that we agreed with and some that we dislike greatly. But now is the time to voice your opinion on what matters the most to you. Do you find certain issues are not even mentioned by those who are running for office? Do you think that those running ignore you? Do you feel left out?

    Well now is the time. Call, email, text and/or write to those who are going to be on the ballot in November. Attend events where the politicians will be. Work on a campaign. Hold a sign stating what you want. And make your own sign if need be.

    If we continue to leave the outcome of the elections up to others we can not continue to complain about the direction our state and country are going in. We must give voice to what is important to us!

    I learned a long time ago that if 5 to 6 people contact a politician about any one issue, that issue is very important to a lot of people and they will respond. A recent example is Governor Malloy cut the Medicare Savings Program and when word got out lots of phone calls were made to CT Senators and Representatives and the program was fully restored.

    Your voice does matter! Be reasonable. Be rational. Your opinion is important. Tell your story about why change should be made and how that change should look.

    And you can make things better for lots of others when you become a part of the solution. Be a voice. Be an advocate.