Broadway Baritone: James Michael

    Broadway Baritone, James Michael will perform on June 6th at 1:00pm. James Michael is a world class baritone. His widely and critically acclaimed production of “Melodies of Memories and Miracles Broadway Classics” brings the sound of Broadway like no other. James has become one of the most sought after singer / entertainers in retirement communities across the country and is invited back numerous times during the year. James’s website is full of testimonials, video and more about his incredible journey back into music.

    Movie: The Post

    Newly Released Movie “The Post” will be shown in closed caption on June 5th at 12:45pm. Katharine Graham is the first female publisher of a major American newspaper — The Washington Post. With help from Editor Ben Bradlee, Graham races to catch up with The New York Times to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets that spans three decades and four U.S. presidents. Together, they must overcome their differences as they risk their careers — and very freedom — to help bring long-buried truths to light.

    Content by Judy – Living vs Existing

    We get up each morning. Begin our routine. Bathroom. Coffee. Read the paper. Watch the news. Shower. Dress. And so, the day begins.

    In those moments are you living or existing? Me at that point I’m existing. Getting going in the morning is a real chore for me. I’m not a bright bubbly person at the start of the day.

    Soon I’m living! I’m doing a job I love. Enjoying my husband and our beagle. Interacting with others. Planning what’s next. Enjoying the grass getting green, the beginning of leaves and flowers. Spotting my first Hummingbird of the year!

    I hope all of you are LIVING as well!

    Break your routines! The same old thing is boring!

    Do something new and out of your ordinary.

    Be the best you can be.

    Let assist you in your “out of the ordinary” journey.




    Invite others.

    Start doing!

    Don’t ponder. Stop all that thinking and all those what ifs.


    -Judy Jencks.5.2018

    Finishing Strong: A Discussion on Estate Planning

    Finishing Strong! A Discussion on Estate Planning This presentation is sponsored by Fulton-Theroux Funeral Service will be held on May 30th at 1:00pm. Please join us for a free seminar where we will be discussing some of the important ways you can help protect your family and estate from unnecessary hardships with tools such as Wills, Power of Attorney, Prearranged Funeral Services and more. Get some helpful information that will help you and your family when you meet with your local attorney and start or continue your estate planning process. The atmosphere is relaxed, the discussion is candid, and refreshments will be served. Please call and reserve your space today! 860-4341658.