Wedding Dresses through the Years

    Wedding Dresses through the Years presented by Sherry White will be held on Wednesday, October 10th at 1:00pm. A display and discussion of wedding dresses from the 1900s to present day will be showcased.

    Audubon Slide Presentation

    Nancy Meinke with the CT Audubon Roger Peterson Estuary Center will be presenting a slide show on “The Beautiful Estuary we live in” on Tuesday, October 9th at 1:00pm.

    Port-n-Starboard Regional Event

    Come join us for our Regional Event will be on Friday, October 5th from 11:30am to 3pm at the Port-n-Starboard located at Ocean Beach. The theme this year is Senior Prom – Under the Sea. The entertainment will be provided by Jose Paolo. Tickets can be purchased at the Lymes’ Senior Center for $20.00. This will include a sit down dinner with a choice of: Slow Roasted Top Round of Beef, Baked Cod with Scallop & Crab Stuffing, or Boneless Breast of Chicken with Herbal Stuffing. All choices include a salad, dinner roll, twice baked cheese potato, vegetable and fudge roll. PLEASE get the meal choice when you register your folks. Tickets need to be purchased by September 21st, no tickets will be available at the door.

    Tea with Amelia Earhart

    Please welcome back presenter Sheryl Faye’s on Wednesday, October 3rd at 1:00pm for Tea with Amelia Earhart. Sheryl will bring alive Amelia Earhart in an interactive presentation of her life. She follows her dreams with an indomitable spirit, and her story will inspire everyone to pursue their own budding interests, whatever they may be, and will also reinforce the importance of family, respect for others and individuality.

    Be an advocate. Be a voice. – CONTENT BY JUDY

    As we proceed towards the November elections, we’ll hear lots and lots of chatter. Some that we agreed with and some that we dislike greatly. But now is the time to voice your opinion on what matters the most to you. Do you find certain issues are not even mentioned by those who are running for office? Do you think that those running ignore you? Do you feel left out?

    Well now is the time. Call, email, text and/or write to those who are going to be on the ballot in November. Attend events where the politicians will be. Work on a campaign. Hold a sign stating what you want. And make your own sign if need be.

    If we continue to leave the outcome of the elections up to others we can not continue to complain about the direction our state and country are going in. We must give voice to what is important to us!

    I learned a long time ago that if 5 to 6 people contact a politician about any one issue, that issue is very important to a lot of people and they will respond. A recent example is Governor Malloy cut the Medicare Savings Program and when word got out lots of phone calls were made to CT Senators and Representatives and the program was fully restored.

    Your voice does matter! Be reasonable. Be rational. Your opinion is important. Tell your story about why change should be made and how that change should look.

    And you can make things better for lots of others when you become a part of the solution. Be a voice. Be an advocate.