AARP Driving Course

    Join us for the AARP Driving Course on Friday, August 17th from 1pm-5pm. Call (860)434-1605 ext. 240 to sign up.  Cost is $15.00 for members/ $20.00 for non-members. Checks written to AARP only, no cash will be accepted

    Hearing Education Seminar

    Snack and Learn Hearing Education Seminar on August 8th at 1:00pm, presented by Audiology Concierge.

    Movie: Wild Hogs

    Join us on August 7th at 12:45 for the hysterical Movie: Wild Hogs that came out in 2007 starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. The movie is about “a group of middle-aged friends who decide to rev up their routine suburban lives with a freewheeling motorcycle trip. Taking a long dreamed-of breather from their stressful jobs and family responsibilities, they can’t wait to feel the freedom of the open road. When this mismatched foursome, who have grown far more used to the couch than the saddle, set out for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they encounter a world that holds far more than they ever bargained for. The trip begins to challenge their wits and their luck, especially during a chance run-in with the Del Fuegos, a real-life biker gang who are less than amused with their novice approach. As they go looking for adventure, they soon find that they’ve embarked on a journey they will never forget.”

    Social Media Basics- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Social Media Basics- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, oh my! Join us on Monday, August 6, at 1 p.m. In this class we will discover how these social media sites are used. Delve in deeper to discover what each site offers and how it can best be used. Also we will take a closer look at privacy features on each site to ensure your online safety. Please call to register for this class.

    Entertainer: Pat Mitchell

    Please welcome back Entertainer Pat Mitchell on August 1st at 1:00pm Pat Mitchell is a pianist who currently performs at the Norwich Inn and Spa and has performed for many years at the Lighthouse Inn. The performance is free and open for all to attend!