Holiday Bingo

    A special FREE Holiday Bingo will be held on December 20th at 1:00pm.


    On Thursday, December 14th at 12:30pm we will be
    having enjoying a Yankee Swap. For those of you who
    are not familiar with this, here is what you need to know
    to participate. Everyone wanting to participate brings a
    wrapped gift worth $5.00. Be creative, it should be a gift
    that others would like to own. When you bring your gift
    you will pick a number. 1 through however many people.
    The more people that come the “funner” it is! The first
    person picks a gift and unwraps it. Then the second
    person picks a gift or takes the one that the first person
    picks. If the second person chooses the first persons gift,
    the first person picks another gift and unwraps it. The
    game continues on until the last person picks a gift.

    Stroke:Improving Outcomes Through Action

    Join us on December 13th at 1:00pm for a one hour presentation presented by Brad Fowler who is a paramedic and stroke educator for Middlesex Hospital. During the presentation entitled Stroke- Improving Outcomes through Action you will learn about:

    Stroke incidence and impact             Who is at greatest risk of suffering a stroke

    Causes and types of stroke         What can be done to prevent strokes from occurring

    How to recognize stroke signs and symptoms      The importance of early recognition and transport

    How to prepare for the 911 response         Available treatment to reverse the effects of stroke

    Your role in improving stroke outcomes

    Pudd’nheads: Childhood in Colonial America

    We are excited to welcome back Velya Jancz-Urban – author, teacher, and creator of The Not-So-Good Life of the Colonial Goodwife and her herbalist daughter, Ehris Urban, on this unique presentation Pudd’nheads: Childhood in Colonial America on December 12th at 1:00pm. This presentation examines the unique aspects of childhood between the late sixteenth and late eighteenth centuries and explores themes including birthing and childrearing practices, parenting, children’s health and education, naming, gender, play, and rites of passage. Providing fresh historical perspectives on key features of children’s lives, this program offers compelling information on colonial children – as well as Native American and slave children, who are too often left out of conventional coverage.

    Support Group for Women 60 and Over

    We will holding a Support Group for Women 60 and Over on December 7th at 1:00pm. This group will be facilitated by Lisa Navarra, from Senior Bridges and will be sponsored by the Lymes’ Senior Center. This group will give woman a place to discuss issues such as depression, anxiety, poor coping, grief and loss, adjustment issues, family issues, trauma and substance abuse. This group will be a safe and confidential place for women to discuss whatever they may be struggling with. This free group will require a minimum of 4 people to run, so please call (860)434-1605 ext. 240 if you are interested in joining.