November- A NOTE FROM YOUR LIAISON from Billy Caron

    Dear Seniors,
    As Liaison to the Seniors, I am aware of the
    many senior groups that help out and do so
    much in our community. I congratulate the new
    president of the Hillcrest Group, Mrs. MacNeil,
    and thank the Hillcrest seniors for all of the
    community support they give throughout the
    year and I am sure we can count on them once
    again, working with the rest of our seniors this
    Holiday season to help our Montville families in
    need! I am proud to be your Liaison as I get to
    see first hand all of the fantastic efforts put forth
    by our seniors with the programs needed for
    some of our residents. I would also like to thank
    the many businesses in Town and ask that they
    continue to support our Montville families in
    need! Have a safe and happy holiday season!
    – Liaison Billy Caron


    Do you have a couple of hours a week you
    would like to fill? Looking for something to
    do? We are looking for volunteers for our
    (1) Social Services Office (2) Tag Sale
    Room. If interested or would like more details,
    please call Kathie @ 860-848-0422


    Come and get the Foot Care you need.  Our On-A-Good-Foot Program can help.  Foot care not covered by Medicare will be paid by a grant received from Senior Resources with Title III funds made available under the Older Americans Act. A suggested donation of $5.00 is appreciated and helpful, not required.  Dr. Thomas Walter, Podiatrist comes to our Center once a month to perform routine foot care. Call for an appointment – 848-0422. Call for details 848-0422.


    Time: 10:00 AM

    Our meeting this month will have Senator
    Cathy Osten as our speaker. This is a great
    opportunity to ask questions on what is going
    on at the State level with cuts to programs
    and services affecting seniors!
    Come join us for our membership meeting
    and stay for an afternoon of fun!


    Dear Seniors,
    Please come to the Senior Club meeting on Friday,
    October 6th with your questions for Senator
    Cathy Osten. Here how the (lack of state)
    budget and budget proposals affects our elderly,
    our town, and the services you need! On the
    Town level, we continue to work hard on maintaining
    a viable budget while working on how we
    can continue to provide our residents with the
    services they need! We will always continue to
    do what is best for our residents!
    – Liaison Billy Caron