“Holiday Reflections” Winter Concert

    Thank You to Rose City Senior Center’s glee club, Golden Nuggets  and concert band Roseland Combo for the wonderful Winter Concert they performed in January!  The concert really showcased Golden Nuggets amazing talent and was a wonderful treat for the crowd watching!  The Roseland Combo delighted all with some wonderful holiday songs.  Thank you for the fabulous Winter Concert!


    Thank You Roseland Combo!

    Thank You to Rose City Senior Center’s concert band, Roseland Combo, who delightfully entertained us in December with a special Holiday Concert!  The event was well attended and much appreciated by all.  This very talented band consists of Senior Center members ~ Dan Bettencourt, Paulette Devino, Mike Manning, Phil Murtha, Lolita Wood and Bill Wrobel.  Thank you for your wonderful music!


    Reflections – Content by Judy

    Time has a way of passing much faster than we realize. I think they – whoever they are – steal time as we sleep. Haven’t you been shocked when you look in the mirror and see how time has passed. Or looked at your children and been surprised how many years have flown by? And it doesn’t seem possible for all those years have gone by. If you close your eyes and look at yourself as you feel you are, you’re much younger than that darn mirror tells you.

    Recently I came across photographer Tom Hussey’s work “Reflections” which shows elderly people looking in the mirror and seeing who they were many years before. A fireman, a nurse, the scholar, the pharmacist, a new mother, a welder.

    “Reflections” was inspired by a World War II veteran who said, “I can’t believe I am going to be 80, I feel like I just came back from the war. I look in the mirror and I see this old guy.”

    It brings to mind that with retirement and age we lose a big part of our identity. As we enter adulthood we are often asked “What do you want to be?”

    But seldom after we retire are, we asked “So what did you used to do?” “Who were you before?”

    We have been a big part of building our towns and cities. We have served in many positions be it elected or volunteer. We have been the scout leaders, the umpire, the coaches, the committee member.

    And for those of us who feel we might be losing our identity lets share the stories of our past, volunteer to teach others, once again become that committee member, volunteer at the local school, senior center or hospital. Continue to be an active part of the community.

    And for those who haven’t reached those later years, the next time you encounter the elders in your community be it at the grocery store, at your place of business or just in passing take a few minutes to find out more about who they are and who they were. You will be surprised just who you are talking to!

    New technology – Content by Judy

    How it can assist us in ways we never imagined!!

    At every age we want to feel safe and independent. And as we age those around us become more and more concerned about our wellbeing. With today’s technology there are devices that can help us know what’s going on around us, monitor what we are doing, learn from us and help us.

    Doorbells now can have wi-fi cameras so with your smart phone you can see who is at the door and you can talk to them.

    Thermostats can be programmed and hooked to your Wi-Fi. They can learn when you are home or away and adjust the temperature. You can adjust the thermostat with your smart phone.

    Smart phones can do a huge number of tasks from making phone calls, storing information, reminding you to do any number of things. They have calendars, timers, alarms, calculators, cameras plus more. A smart phone is actually a full-fledged computer that you put in your pocket! They can connect to any number of devices using your wi-fi.

    Home Security System – smart sensors and security cameras can be set up inside or outdoors. With wi-fi we can see if anyone or anything is out there. Used indoors our loved ones can see if we are ok, up and about. They can track activity, the fridge door, the medicine cabinet. Some you can even talk to.

    Smart speakers are great because they respond to our voice. We can ask “what time is it” “play the Beatles” “what’s the joke of the day” or any question. Of course, the speaker is not going to always know the answer. The speaker can remind you to take your meds, an appointment, etc.

    Timers – as simple as turning the living room light on every evening and then again in the morning. To those passing by it looks as if someone is home. For us its light when we get up and go to bed and reduces the change of tripping.

    Smart TVs – who knew!! I can now talk to my TV. I don’t even need to know the channel that the game is on. I just say, “Patriots game” and it shows me. The TV also shows me who’s calling me on my phone before the phone rings.

    Emergency pendants – We all remember “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercials now they can also detect falls. The device knows if you fall and alerts the company. Plus, we can activate these devises, tell them what has happened and get help.

    Tracking chips can be attached to the dog’s collar, so we know where he ran off to. Put on our key rings so we can find them, and we can have them in our loved one’s pocket so if they get lost, we can find them. We could even attach it to their smart phone, emergency pendant or key ring even.

    Smart pillbox – medicine reminders, dispensers – notifies a smart phone if you forgot to take your pills or if you take the wrong ones. And who doesn’t forget to take their meds from time to time!

    Now why might I need some of these things?

    To be and feel safe

    To be able to get help if I need it

    To be independent

    Not such bad things….

    Now let’s reassess how we feel about all of this…..

    Trips and Trip Sign-Ups

    Happy New Year Everyone!  I would like to thank everyone who went on trips with the Rose City Senior Center in 2018.  With your participation, it was a fantastic year!

    I would like to mention that trips have been very popular this past year and I know it has been frustrating for some people who end up on a waiting list for a trip.  With our new phone system, during call-in registration, multiple people can leave me a message at the same time.  This is great because now you don’t get a busy signal when you call in at 5:00pm but it also means that some trips can sell out in minutes depending on how many seats are available and how many people are calling.

    Please do not hesitate to add your name to a trip waiting list even if the list is long.  In the past, I have gone through entire waiting lists looking for people to fill seats.  Also, if I know a trip has a large waiting list, I will try to accommodate people by adding a second bus or second date for a trip if possible.  This past year I added a second bus for two very popular trips.  So it is important to add your name to the waiting list so I can get an accurate idea of everyone who is interested in the trip.

    Considering the popularity of trips this past year, I plan on adding a couple of additional trips throughout 2019.  If you do have a suggestion for a trip or if you have been on a prior trip and would be interesting in repeating it, please let me know!  Although I cannot accommodate all requests for a variety of reasons, I do appreciate your suggestions to get a better understanding of the interests of trip participants.  You can drop off your ideas at the Reception desk or in the comment box located outside of the Pool Room.

    Let’s make 2019 a great New Year!  Thanks again!  Hilary Sandberg, Program Administrator