Help- Content by Judy

    We have all heard the Beatles song “When I was younger, so much younger than today…” “Help me if you can….” And this song brings to mind that the definition of help has many meanings. To give help and to receive help are two very different things. We all have a tendency to offer our help but are reluctant to ask for help. Now why is that!! We can’t help each other if no one ever asks for assistance.

    What’s so hard about asking? We don’t want to bother anyone. We don’t want to be a burden. We can do everything! All of the time! All by ourselves!

    Now how ridiculous is that statement!! We need doctors, electricians, plumbers, accountants, mailmen, and on and on. We need services, assistance and relief in many different ways from the time we are born until the time we die.

    We accept, hire, allow support and services every day. We just don’t term it as “help”. Reconsider all of those things. Perhaps it will assist you in redefining the word “help”.

    And then we want to step forward, chip in and offer a lending hand to others. It might be cutting our neighbors grass, picking something up for a friend, giving a ride so your sister can drop her car of at the dealership. Doing these things makes us feel good. We want to volunteer. Maybe at the school, the senior center, the library, for scouts, as a fireman or EMT. We want to help others.

    We by nature are very giving. It’s easy to offer but remember others can’t give if you don’t ask. And your ask doesn’t have to be big. It can be as simple as “Can you bring me back a coffee when you get yours?” So, the next time someone asks if they can do anything for you… say YES! Both of you will feel good about it.

    Wednesday, April 24th- Norwich Pet Wellness Clinic

    Open to Senior Citizen (65+) of Norwich.
    Appointments are needed and can be made starting on March 18th.

    More Information & Frequently Asked Questions
    Who can attend this clinic? This clinic is meant to serve Norwich Senior Citizens (65 and older) who may not have access to veterinary care for their beloved pets due to financial reasons. Since there is a limited amount of appointments and because we are trying to serve as many families and pets as possible, if you’ve attended a Norwich Pet Wellness Clinic in the past, you will be put on a “Reserve List” and notified if there are any open appointments in mid-April.
    What is the cost of bringing my pet(s) to this clinic? This clinic is FREE! Funding is provided by the Letz Fund for Animals and the Environment (Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut), PetSmart Charities, Chelsea Groton Bank, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union and the CT Humane Society.
    What are the services provided to pets at this clinic? Each pet seen by our vet will get a general wellness exam, rabies and distemper vaccinations (as needed), a flea/tick preventative, dewormer (as needed), and their nails trimmed. Additionally, dogs will get tested for heartworm. Pet food and supplies are available as well. Residents of Norwich will have the option of licensing their dog, free of charge, after pets receive the required rabies vaccine.
    Is there a limit to the number of pets or type of pet I bring? We can see up to 2 pets per family in a single visit. Only dogs or cats will be seen. All dogs must be leashed and all cats must be in carriers. We reserve the right to refuse sick, pregnant, or aggressive pets.
    Do I need an appointment to have my pet(s) seen? Yes. Appointments are needed. Starting March 18th Please call Elizabeth at (860) 594-4502 x6306 to make an appointment for the April 24th Norwich Pet Wellness Clinic. Visits with the veterinarian will typically take about 10-15 minutes for each pet. Expect there to be a short wait time. Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
    Where is the clinic held? The clinic will be held at the Rose City Senior Center (Art Room). There will be signs to point you in the right direction.
    Do I need to bring any paperwork to show my proof of need? No. We do not screen for financial need.
    Do I need to bring anything other than my pet(s)? If your pet has been previously seen by another veterinarian, please bring any records you have.

    Thursday, March 21st- Am I Too Old for a Mammogram?

    Are you wondering if you should stop having yearly mammograms due to your age?  In fact, 80% of all breast cancer occurs in women over 50.  Come join us to learn more about whether you should continue with breast cancer screening.  We’ll include time for your questions after the presentation.

    Presentation by Dr. Kathleen Kurowski, MD, Breast Surgeon at Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at Backus Hospital.

    Sign up at Reception if you will be attending.


    Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives- Mondays

    Time:  1:30 – 3:00 p.m.   Start Date TBD.

    As we grow into our mature years it is important to find opportunities to reflect on the real life we’ve lived and make some sense of it.  It is often those things that have been harder to speak of that keep us from feeling at peace with the lives we’ve lived.  Come join us in being real, crying at times and laughing often, as we make sense of it together.

    Facilitator will be Sue Fraser Frankewicz, a retired medical social worker and experienced group leader.

    Please Sign-Up at Reception.   Group limited to 8 participants.



    Drop off by Friday, April 12th- Scissor, Knife and Blade Sharpening by Razor’s Edge Sharpening Service

    Items Available for sharping:
    Knives $2.50
    Scissors/Pinking Shears $5
    Non-Electric Pruners/Hedge Trimmers/Garden Tools $5
    Electric Hedge Trimmers $10
    Chain Saw Chains/Lawn Mower Blades $5

    Drop off your items that need to be sharpened to the reception desk by Friday, April 12th.

    Be sure to have your items wrapped in newspaper and safely stored in a plastic bag, with your name, phone number and correct payment included.
    **Please make checks payable to Dan Correia**
    Your items will be ready to be picked up starting on Wednesday, April 17th.