Trips and Trip Sign-Ups

    Happy New Year Everyone!  I would like to thank everyone who went on trips with the Rose City Senior Center in 2018.  With your participation, it was a fantastic year!

    I would like to mention that trips have been very popular this past year and I know it has been frustrating for some people who end up on a waiting list for a trip.  With our new phone system, during call-in registration, multiple people can leave me a message at the same time.  This is great because now you don’t get a busy signal when you call in at 5:00pm but it also means that some trips can sell out in minutes depending on how many seats are available and how many people are calling.

    Please do not hesitate to add your name to a trip waiting list even if the list is long.  In the past, I have gone through entire waiting lists looking for people to fill seats.  Also, if I know a trip has a large waiting list, I will try to accommodate people by adding a second bus or second date for a trip if possible.  This past year I added a second bus for two very popular trips.  So it is important to add your name to the waiting list so I can get an accurate idea of everyone who is interested in the trip.

    Considering the popularity of trips this past year, I plan on adding a couple of additional trips throughout 2019.  If you do have a suggestion for a trip or if you have been on a prior trip and would be interesting in repeating it, please let me know!  Although I cannot accommodate all requests for a variety of reasons, I do appreciate your suggestions to get a better understanding of the interests of trip participants.  You can drop off your ideas at the Reception desk or in the comment box located outside of the Pool Room.

    Let’s make 2019 a great New Year!  Thanks again!  Hilary Sandberg, Program Administrator


    Welcome New Fitness Instructors!

    We are pleased to welcome Maureen Cabral and Kelly Harper!  Maureen and Kelly have joined us to instruct three of our fitness classes which were previously led by Cheryl Hughes.

    Maureen Cabral instructs our 8:30am Tuesday morning Pilates class and Kelly Harper instructs our 8:30am Wednesday morning Strength and Flexibility class along with our 9:45am Wednesday morning Chair Exercise & Toning class.

    Now is a great time to try a new fitness class!  See page 11 for a listing of all the fitness classes we offer along with days and times of the classes.  Please call with any questions!

    Please Note: Pilates will not meet during the month of January.  Class restarts February 5th.

    Classes are open to members of the Rose City Senior Center only.  Not a member yet?  Sign up today! 


    Quilt Raffle Winner!

    Congratulations to Beth Dechamplain who won the Autumn themed quilt that was raffled off in November. The beautiful quilt was made and donated by the very talented

    Rose City Senior Center Quilting Group.  Thank you so much for the wonderful donation!  The Senior Center made approximately $250 on the sale of raffle tickets with all proceeds to benefit future programs and events at the Rose City Senior Center.


    Quilting Room News

    Every Thursday afternoon from 1-3pm, this fun group of people teach one another quilting techniques, shows off recently competed projects and socialize.  This past year we have provided a large quilt for the Senior Center to raffle, sold a few practice pieces for the benefit of the Senior Center, and have donated needed material to a worthy cause.

    Thank you to the generous people who bring in boxes of material from their homes.  We go over the fabric and store what we will use, then place the rest on the Senior Center’s “Free Tables” for other crafters and seamstresses to enjoy.

    We welcome new members at any time.  The goal of each person in the group is to make one quilting project per year which will be used to donate to a worthy cause in the area.

    ~ The Rose City Senior Center Quilting Group


    News From the Greenhouse

    It is winter and we Greenhouse Girls really enjoy focusing on the watering and neatening of our vast array of plants each Monday morning.  We get to recognize the various plants quite well, note their light appropriate placements around the room, but become concerned when one is suddenly missing.  May we remind you again that none are for sale as we are often grooming them for propagation of their “babies” for sale at a later date.

    Do check with us before dropping off stray plants.  Sometimes we cannot use them, either because we have many of the variety, or they have noted disease or insects.  We enjoy adding unusual plants that are not too large due to our space limitations.

    We welcome people to come into the inside greenhouse to enjoy the peace and quiet.  We also welcome people to see us on Monday mornings to answer questions.

    In general, January is our quiet month.  February and March become our tomato propagating months.  April begins another glorious gardening season!

    Carole, Sharon, Jill, Barbara and Pat ~ The Greenhouse Girls