TVCCA Home Heating Assistance Now Available

    Winter is coming and home heating costs can be a struggle for many.  There is help.

    TVCCA is now taking applications for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program which provides assistance towards a homes primary source of heat.  Priority is given to “vulnerable households” with young children, elderly or disabled individuals.  Income and Asset Limits apply:

    Household Size:      1                     2            Asset Limits:       Homeowner Renter

    Annual Income      $33,881        $44,305        $15,000                    $10,000

    Applications can be done over the phone and through the mail for homebound individuals.

    To schedule an appointment or for additional information, please call (860) 425-6681.


    Wednesday, September 20th- Planning Your Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements

    Informational Seminar by Church & Allen and Labenski Funeral Homes & Dignity Memorial

    Join us for a Free seminar on planning your funeral and cemetery arrangement in advance. 

    Topics to be discussed include:

    ¨ Creative cremation and traditional burial planning

    ¨ Learn how to reduce stress for your loved ones

    ¨ Learn about Transportation and Relocation Protection Plans

    ¨ Veteran’s Benefits – Lean the 10 important facts that every Veteran needs to know

    ¨ Learn the advantages of prearranging a funeral

    Please sign up at Reception.


    Computer Assistance Volunteer

    We are looking for a Volunteer Computer Assistance Instructor.   You must be very familiar with email, internet, and Microsoft Office programs, and be able to explain and assist people with minimal computer experience.  A minimum commitment of one day per week, 1-2 hours per day, is required.

    Please stop by Reception and fill out a Volunteer Application if interested.


    Farmer’s Market Coupons will be distributed on: Wednesday, July 12th from 9:00 a.m. – Noon

    Farmer’s Market coupons are available to low income seniors who meet certain eligibility requirements.
    You must meet the following Eligibility Requirements in order to receive a coupon booklet:
    You must be 60 years or older
    Yearly income not to exceed $22,331 for single, $30,044 for couple
    Must be participating in another need based program that verifies income eligibility such as Renter’s Rebate, Congregate Meal Program, Medicaid, SNAP (Foodstamps), etc.
    You must be a resident of the town you receive the coupon booklet from.
    If you are under 60 and disabled you must meet all other eligibility requirements and live in subsidized housing to be eligible.
    Limit of one coupon booklet per eligible senior annually.