Content by Judy

    2018 brings successes and challenges. As I look back I see the 50% growth of As I look forward I see the challenge of matching that 50% growth plus expanding Jencks Network. I’m thankful for what has happened and hopeful of what the future holds.

    And that brings me to this little ditty I wrote…

    What is old??  Me? NO!  You? NO!  Them?? Of course, it’s them… not us! Right!

    Is old turning 40? 50?  Oh, wait I’m past those, so it must be 70…80…90???

    Hey all I know is it’s not me right now. I don’t feel old – however that feels –  and I sure as heck don’t look my age – as I stamp my foot!

    So, if we are not old….

    Then we can and will do everything we have ever done. Right?

    We will continue to learn and do new things.

    We will be trendsetters.

    We will reinvent ourselves again!

    We will find new paths.

    We will not say “Oh I’m too old for that”

    We will not say “I can’t do that.”

    We will not say “I always wanted to do that.”

    We will not say “If I was younger…”

    I know what I will do!

    I will take smart risks.

    I will set attainable goals.

    I will reach for the impossible.

    I will push forward, and I hope you join me on the aging journey!!

    Because if we don’t age in a positive fashion…..

    – tell me what the alternative is!

    -Judy Jencks

    Transportation Services

    The Town of Preston provides FREE transportation services to Preston residents who are 60 years of age and older.  Medical transportation is permitted within a 25 mile radius of the town.  A handicapped accessible vehicle is also available for elderly persons requiring use of adaptive devices such as wheelchairs and/or scooters .

    Routine shopping trips are scheduled on Wednesday’s to the Big Y and Walmart shopping areas and on Friday’s to Marcus Plaza.  With prior authorization, side trips to banks, pharmacies, libraries, etc. may  be included in the  normal schedule.

    Persons interested in utilizing the transportation service must register in advance by telephoning the Senior Affairs Office at 860-887-5581 extension 6.


    Medical Transportation for Senior/Disabled Individuals:

    The Town of Preston participates in  a program which is provided through the Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc.  ECTC is a private  nonprofit agency that brokers and provides transit services for persons of low income, seniors, and persons with disabilities.  Medical Transportation and Caregiver Mileage programs are for seniors 60+ and persons with disabilities who are unable to drive and need transportation to a medical appointment that is occurring outside the hours or area that the town funded transportation services operates.

    To participate in the Medical Transportation Program, individuals must complete a Eligibility Form and pay an annual enrollment fee of $24.00. (July thru June).   Registered participants who cannot have their needs met by existing services will be provided a limited number of one-way trips per grant year.  No fare is charged to participate, but a $24.00 enrollment fee is required.  ECTC will arrange the medical transportation for eligible participants.  Each trip request will be reviewed to determine if it can be met by existing transportation services.  If so, ECTC will refer the client to the appropriate services.

    Transportation may be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week provided sufficient notice is given by the client.  Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance.  For additional information or to  request an Eligibility Form, please call the Senior Affairs Office at 860-887-51 extension 6.


    This program is for persons unable to drive.  The driver and rider must complete the “Request for Mileage Reimbursement” form.  If you are using the Caregiver Reimbursement Program only, there is NO enrollment fee assessed.  The program is designed for seniors 60+ and persons with disabilities.

    Mileage will be calculated by ECTC based on the shortest distance.  Caregivers are not reimbursed for mileage from their home to the client’s.  Completed forms must include the appointment date, start address, destination address, and must be signed and dated by client and driver after last trip entered.  For additional information concerning this service, please contact the Senior Affairs Office at 860-887-5581 ext. 6.