Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief Program

The qualifying income guidelines for the Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief Program application to be filed for the 2022 Benefit year are $40,300.00 for unmarried individuals and $49,100.00 for married persons. The Application filing period is February 1, 2023 through May 15, 2023.

You will need to provide proof of all sources of income including but not limited to Social Security, pensions, interest statements, employment etc. If you filed Income Tax, a copy of the signed and dated document, including supporting documentation is necessary to provide. It is extremely important that you bring all necessary documentation regarding proof of your income when you arrive for your appointment. Items to be included as part of qualifying income are as

*Wages, bonuses, commissions, gratuities and fees, self-employment net income
(do not include depreciation expenses).
*Net Social Security (Box 5 from SSA-1099), Federal Supplemental Security
Income, payment for jury duty (excluding travel allowance).
*Dividends and Interest
*IRA-include only “taxable amount” NOT “total distribution”
*Black Lung payments
*Green Thumb payments
*Interest or proceeds resulting from gifts received
*Lottery winnings
*Net income from sale or rental of real or personal property (do not include
depreciation, receipts for expenses required when no tax return has been filed)
*Pensions and annuities-include only “Taxable “amount
*Veteran’s pension and veteran’s disability payment
*Railroad retirement
*Severance pay; UNEMPLOYMENT compensation
*Worker’s compensation
*DSS cash assistance (SAGAP)
*Legal Settlements-Net Proceeds
*Dependency and Indemnity Compensation from Dept. of Veterans Affairs
*Cancellation of Dept
*If property is owned in trust any distributions received from the trust (Verified
with a copy of the trust federal tax return)
*Capital gains total from previous year only (a capital loss carryover from a
previous year should be excluded from qualifying income calculations)


Persons already receiving the Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief Program benefits will receive correspondence from the Preston Assessor’s Office indicating that this is the year in which you need to reapply for your benefits. Please contact the Senior Affairs Office at 860-887-5581 extension 6 to schedule an appointment.