Gift Giving Alternatives – Content by Judy

Gift Giving Alternative – Content by Judy

It’s that time of year when we are thinking about what to buy or make for gifts. What’s the right thing? What do they want? What will they use??

For some folks you know exactly what to get but then for others you have no idea!! Some people seem to have everything they want and never ask for anything – even when you ask them what they want. So, then you are searching and wondering and worrying as what to get.

Oft times there are not so obvious gifts we can give….

Fuel oil – wouldn’t it be so cool to get 150 gallons! Who would say no to that!!

Newspaper – if they read it every day or just on Sundays, they’ll be thinking of you as they are reading

Amazon Prime membership – yup that’s my gift!! I use it all of the time!!

Trash removal

AAA membership


Pet food

Vet visit

Hairdresser/barber shop


Cable TV


Something to do with their hobby

Quilter – fabric store gift card

Woodworker – Home Depot card

Senior Center membership or put it on their trip account – give them a stack of $1 bills to use for their lunches

These are just a few ideas and then you could make coupons they can redeem for things like….

A ride – anywhere they want – maybe to go leaf peeping or a visit down memory lane

Go to church with them

Invite them over – have dinner – watch a movie – play a game

Include them in your family outing – take them to the little league game, the scout meeting, the school play

You don’t have to spent much to make someone’s day!! Often, it’s free to make them happy!!