Live in the now! – CONTENT BY JUDY

Oh, I don’t have time.
Nope I can’t afford it.
It’s too expensive.
Who will take care of the dog?
I can’t because my husband, mother, sister isn’t feeling well.
I have to be available for my grandchildren.
There is no one else.
Next time I will.
Next year I will.
After I retire I will.
Yes, I really really want to but….
Have you heard and or said these things?
Is this what stops you from doing the things you dream about? The things you want to do?
Is this what stops you from making that bucket list.
Well you know what – there will come a time when you really won’t be able to do those things. It will be when your spouse or traveling partner is dead. When you have lost the ability to travel. When you truly have no money left because you gave it all to the kids.
So, change all of those things. Stop being that person who always has a reason to not do something. Become the person who is out and about. The person executing the plans.
My in-laws died before they could do any of the above things because they always had those reasons of why not to and unfortunately, they both died within 3 months of each other in their late 60’s.
My husband and I learned to get out there and travel, remodel the house, visit relatives, learn new things, question our wants and needs.
Live in the now. Don’t delay! Make your plans for 2019! Be present.
And you know what you’ll be happier. You’ll enjoy life more. You’ll have new stories to tell. And you’ll find more things you can and want to do. Get out there and enjoy life.