Thank you New London Seniors!    

…For all that you have done for our community this year:

Fundraising & Donations: Holiday Boot Drive, Adopt-A-Senior, School Supplies, Care Packages for Armed Service Members, Holiday Cards to Veterans, Fundraiser for Soup Kitchen, Tommy Maynard Fund Raiser, N. L. High School Scholarship, N. L. Police Department Brochure, etc.

Volunteerism: Food Pantry, Nursing Home Visits, TVCCA Kitchen, Local Beach Clean-Up, TVCA RSVP Program, Sliver Threads Boutique Thrift Shop, Jason’s Tag Sale, Books Sales and Sawing Shop Sales at the Senior Center, Trips, Bingo, Volunteer Luncheon, Pen Pals Program, Scrapbooking Project for Nursing Home Residents, etc.

Collaboration with Community Organizations: Big Event and Kids Camp (w/ N. L. Recreation Department), “Carousal “ and Senior Prom (w/ Conn. College), Lightbulb Exchange (w/ Eversource), Summer Fiesta (w/ Centro de la Comunidad).

Special Events at the Senior Center: Health Education Series, Intergenerational Programing, Holiday Gathering, Butterfly Memorial, Talent Show, Gong Show, Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Day Breakfast…






    “Don’t Let the Old Man In” – Content by Judy

    Toby Keith was inspired to write this song by Clint Eastwood who was about to turn 88. Toby Keith wanted to know what Clint Eastwood was going to do for his birthday and Clint said he was starting to make his new movie “The Mule” that next week.

    Amazed Toby wrote about keeping that “Old Man” at bay. As the song says, “How old would you be if you didn’t know the day you were born?”

    We all say “I don’t feel as old as I am” which is so true. There are times we are shocked when we look in the mirror because we have forgotten the number of years that have passed by. If we do not think about it, we can do what we have always done regardless of our age.

    And as we move into this new year it is time to think and decide how we want to live. How we do not want to let that old man in. How we want to live, do what we love and expand what we are doing.

    It is time to make our Bucket List for 2021 and 2022. What do you want your 2021 and 2022 to look like? What is your next act? If we do not plan for our future that old man just might seek in when we are not looking!

    It does not have to be just huge things. What are the little things…?

    Maybe… Enjoy the sunset more. Visit with family and friends more. Make 2 new friends. Read a good book. Maybe join a book club. Garden. Grow your own salad. Take a walk. Go someplace new each month. Redo a room in your house. Paint the walls and rearrange the furniture. Clean out the garage or the shed or both. Make a scrapbook of past vacations. Plan new vacations. Take an online class. Learn how to do 3 new things on your computer or smart phone. Do something kind for someone you hardly know.

    For bigger things it might be take that road trip. Volunteer weekly at a school, hospital, or Senior Center. Do a makeover – you, the backyard, or your wardrobe. Brew your own beer. Learn a craft – maybe counted cross-stitch, carving, knitting. Reread your favorite book. Learn to meditate, then meditate daily for a month. Eat healthy and learn to cook new recipes. Redo your budget so you free up money to do the things you are always talking about doing! Book your next big trip!!

    And as you make your Bucket List include another list of all the things you want to do as places open back up!! What have you missed the most? What was it you were planning for 2020 you never got to do?

    And remember you are never ever “TOO OLD” to do anything!! Get out there and live. “Don’t let the old man in”

    Life has Certainly Changed!!

    Life has certainly changed!! Our lives are not what they were. Is it now time for you to do something else? Are you looking to expand on what you are doing or for a business opportunity? Well, nothing beats marketing to the ever-growing longevity market!! Roughly 24% of new businesses are being started by folks between 55 and 64. So yes it could be you! With the over-50 population exploding it makes perfect sense to capture part of this market with along with Here is a more complete article on how to accomplish your next chapter….

    As Time Moves On

    As time moves on, we might become old and worn but, on the inside, we are still young. This song helps us understand that even though the “Old Man” is on the other side of the door, we have the choice on whether we want to be that person or continue living as if we do not know how old we are.

    So, get up every morning and “Don’t Let the Old Man In!!”

    Take on 2021

    We all will feel a little cooped up during the next couple of months, won’t we? To help combat the gloom, it is time to dust off those old hobbies and find a few new news!! What about indoor gardening, walking or even writing?? Indoor gardening could be taking care of that poinsettia you got for the holidays, growing some lettuce, or buying an African Violet. Something to take care of and they are so pretty. Plus, you can eat the lettuce!! Walking is good for us and how about picking all of the days that it is above 35 to get outside and try to walk a mile. Maybe even get a buddy to join you. And as for writing we all have stories we like to tell. Write them down. Print them and put them in a folder. You will be surprised how much you will enjoy going down memory lane. And do not tell yourself you are not talented enough. It is your story, and you can tell it anyway you want!! So, make the time to renew some of your old hobbies, recharge, shift gears and discover new moxie.