November- A NOTE FROM YOUR LIAISON from Billy Caron

Dear Seniors,
As Liaison to the Seniors, I am aware of the
many senior groups that help out and do so
much in our community. I congratulate the new
president of the Hillcrest Group, Mrs. MacNeil,
and thank the Hillcrest seniors for all of the
community support they give throughout the
year and I am sure we can count on them once
again, working with the rest of our seniors this
Holiday season to help our Montville families in
need! I am proud to be your Liaison as I get to
see first hand all of the fantastic efforts put forth
by our seniors with the programs needed for
some of our residents. I would also like to thank
the many businesses in Town and ask that they
continue to support our Montville families in
need! Have a safe and happy holiday season!
– Liaison Billy Caron