Parkinson’s Disease Speech Program

Wednesday, July 19th at 2:30pm


Do you have Parkinson’s disease? Do people often tell you to speak up or repeat yourself? Does your voice sound breathy or hoarse? Does it take more effort to be understood?

If you answered yes, this new program is for you!


Julie Summers MS, CCC-SLP, the owner of On Point Speech Therapy will offering a free maintenance program for people with PD. will be hosting a monthly maintenance program to help people with PD maintain strong healthy voices and communication skills. Here, Julie will provide ongoing vocal practice, support, and encouragement to help you maintain your communication skills throughout the progression of Parkinson’s.

The group will meet the third Wednesday of every month.

The group is free, but registration and prerequisite training is required prior to joining the group.

For more information, please contact Julie Summers at 860-460-3475
or email

Registration is now open. Please call the Senior Center.