Phased Re-Opening Timeline

As part of our phased opening, May was a very successful month of offering outdoor programs, services, and
entertainment. We had 155 people join us in person over the month. It has been great to see people enjoy
the in-person programs and services again. We also continue to offer virtual programs which had approx. 500
people participate in the month of May. My hope in enacting the phased re-opening is that it will give people
much needed opportunities to see and be with each other all while keeping people safe. After conferring
with other senior centers and their reopening plans and with our own building limitations in mind, we will be
moving to our next reopening phase after the 4th of July holiday by moving certain programs and services that
can be socially distanced inside if the classes wish to. Masks and preregistration will continue to be required. This phase will
take place after the air filters will have been installed in the remaining 4 heat pumps at the end of the current month. At
that point, the whole building will be covered with air purifiers and Merv filters. One change to the old policy is if you are
vaccinated, you will no longer be required to wear masks outside although you can if you wish to. We hope to be targeting other,
non-socially distanced programs to return indoors starting August 9th. Masks and preregistration will be required. This will include
cards, Wii, movies etc. Bigger entertainment events will still be held outside through the fall. I am told that in person meals will
return to the center sometime this fall, possibly September and the date of return will be determined by the Estuary Senior
Center and the State of CT. In the meantime, we are offering a few outdoor lunch opportunities in July and August to get people
together which will be held outside under the tent.

Thank you for all your patience while we work to safely get our
Senior Center back to the lively happening place it was prepandemic!