** Scam Alert **

Staff and clients have begun reporting messages appearing to be from DSS
regarding their EBT card and Renewal. These messages are scams, individuals
should not call back the number listed on the text message. DSS has not yet
started texting clients regarding renewals.

It asks for the caller to enter their card number and PIN in an attempt to
steal their benefits.

Messages from DSS will only be sent from the BC (Benefits Center) Number,
which is 1-855-626-6632 and will only direct individuals to www.mydss.ct.gov, and will contain the first name and the last 4 digits of the client id.

If the individual called the telephone number back and/or provided someone with their card number/PIN via telephone, they should immediately call and change their EBT PIN by calling the EBT phone line: 1-888-328-2666.

In addition, the individual should check their EBT balance either through that
number or online at www.mydss.ct.gov. If it appears that they have stolen your
benefits, you should contact your local police department.