The State of CT offers a property tax relief program for Elderly & totally Disabled homeowners’ who reside in the town of East Lyme. The homeowner must be at least 65 at the close of 2021 or be
receiving 100% disability benefits from Social Security. The homeowner must occupy the property as their principal residence and not be receiving tax relief benefits from any other town or state.
Income limits for the 2021 calendar cannot exceed $38,100 fir a single individual or $46,400 for married couples. These amounts include gross Social Security payments.

The Town of East Lyme provides an additional tax relief for the Elderly & totally Disabled homeowner. That income limit, which includes gross income and Social Security, is $45,800 regardless of marital status.

For further information about the above programs, please contact the Assessor’s Office located in the East Lyme Town Hall. Or call the Assessor’s Office at 860-739-6931 and press #6.