2020 Eligibility and Information
If you are 60 or older, you may be eligible to receive vouchers in the amount of $18 for use at
our local farmers’ markets. The packet includes 6 “checks” for $3 each = $18pp.
The items available for purchase are:
Fruits Vegetables Fresh Cut Herbs Honey from certified CT Grown Farms
These items would have to be purchased at designated Farmer Markets or farms stands from August through
October 2020. There is no cash value to these coupons – farmers cannot provide change. One packet of
vouchers per person, per season only. You cannot receive vouchers from multiple service agencies.
If you are a married couple, each person gets a packet.
The maximum household income is $23,060 per year for a household of 1
or $31,894 per year for a household of 2.
To apply, contact the Senior Center at 860-739-5859. When you call, you should
have your monthly income figure available. Additionally, we will want to know if you
plan on doing the shopping or if you are going to send someone.