Senior Farmers Market Vouchers

Wed, Jul 20th, 10am at East Lyme Senior Center.

Please call to register that you are coming. If you cannot
come in person, you can send a proxy. But registration is
still required. Call for details

The Senior Farmer Market Voucher program age and income requirements:
60 years of age or older, and income limits of: income limits for a single person is $1986 per month/$23828 per year
and for a couple is $2686 per month/$32227 per year.

Tips for using Senior Farmer Market Vouchers:
-Use the vouchers! Don’t wait until September.
-Keep the vouchers in a safe place. They cannot be replaced.
-Use them in $3 increments or all at once ($18) but the farmer cannot give you
-Review the list of locations. Not every farmer market or farm stand is able to
take them.
-Vouchers can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, cut herbs or honey. They
can NOT be used to buy sandwiches, meat, dairy, crafts or some of the other
lovely items sold at farmers’ markets.
-You can send someone else to shop for you if you completed a Proxy Form