Content by Judy – Successes and Challenges plus “What is Old?”

2018 brings successes and challenges. As I look back I see the 50% growth of As I look forward I see the challenge of matching that 50% growth plus expanding Jencks Network. I’m thankful for what has happened and hopeful of what the future holds.

And that brings me to this little ditty I wrote…

What is old??  Me? NO!  You? NO!  Them?? Of course, it’s them… not us! Right!

Is old turning 40? 50?  Oh, wait I’m past those, so it must be 70…80…90???

Hey all I know is it’s not me right now. I don’t feel old – however that feels –  and I sure as heck don’t look my age – as I stamp my foot!

So, if we are not old….

Then we can and will do everything we have ever done. Right?

We will continue to learn and do new things.

We will be trendsetters.

We will reinvent ourselves again!

We will find new paths.

We will not say “Oh I’m too old for that”

We will not say “I can’t do that.”

We will not say “I always wanted to do that.”

We will not say “If I was younger…”

I know what I will do!

I will take smart risks.

I will set attainable goals.

I will reach for the impossible.

I will push forward, and I hope you join me on the aging journey!!

Because if we don’t age in a positive fashion…..

– tell me what the alternative is!

-Judy Jencks