Groton Senior Center is excited to present a brand new program called “The Call Hub”.  This program is generously sponsored by the Groton Parks Foundation.
The Call Hub is a social calling program designed to provide enriching, fun and stimulating conversations. This program is for individuals who are homebound or lack human connection through socialization and activities outside of the home. Our goal is to have individuals feel validated and connected to other people with similar interests and values through the utilization of weekly phone calls.
Volunteers for this program are super important and can help to make a difference in others lives by giving 1 hour a week to 2 recipients by calling them. Social calling can improve psychological wellbeing , give folks opportunities to talk with like-minded people, perceived self-efficacy, more years at home and referrals to addition-al community resources. Social isolation affects nearly 1 in 5 older adults and that while it’s harmful at any age it’s especially dangerous for people over 50. Social isolation and loneliness are associated with higher blood pressure, increased susceptibility to the flu, greater risk of heart disease and earlier onset of dementia.
If you have questions or would like to participate in this program as a volunteer please reach out to our volunteer coordinator, Tomi at 860-441-6782 or