Ways to stay Happy and Healthy at Home!!!

 Watch a movie/Netflix/video

 Do something crafty-knit, crochet, make a collage, scrapbook

 Write a memoir

 Write a poem

 Write a letter

 Write a song

 Give your brain a workout and play online games.

 Crossword puzzles-free printable (http://qets.com/crossword_puzzles.htm)

 Jig-saw-puzzles-we are fortunate we have a few hundred – GIVE US A CALL

 Meditate – Try lying down with your eyes closed, palms up and while focusing on your breath. Or spend 20 minutes sitting cross-legged and repeat a soothing word to yourself in your head. (The latter is more like transcendental meditation.)

 Call a friend/skype

 Pamper yourself. Have a Cup of Tea, Listen to music

 TED Talks https://www.ted.com/talks

 Find a project at home-clean your windows, dust your house.

 Fix broken items

 Go through old photographs and write on them(who, what)/organize them

 Go through your old clothes and get rid of the ones you don’t want any more or fix the ones that are missing buttons etc.

 Stretch

 Go outside/plant a garden/relax

 Gaze at the stars

 Redecorate your space

 Read

 Make a bucket list of things you want to do when this is all over!