As we close out the year 2021

We look back and reflect on all that has happened.  Because of Covid, the Center remained closed for programming — safe distancing was not possible.   But, we continued to provide many services by appointment — Medicare, Social Security, Rental Rebates, Energy Assistance, all social service needs for seniors and families, and so much more.   On-site lunches with TVCCA resumed.  We also continued our FREE Grab-and-Go meals for the seniors.  To date, we have  provided these meals for 21 months — that’s OVER 2,000 FREE MEALS.  And we could not have done it without the continued generosity of our partner donors — THANK YOU!  When schools were working remotely, we continued to pick up and deliver lunches to students who were not able to get to the school for pick up.  We worked with First Congregational Church to provide both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to families in town.  And, we were able to ensure that the American Legion Thanksgiving meals were delivered once again this year despite Covid.  Staff and volunteers worked together to  prepare and deliver over 200 meals throughout the community.  All of this while we worked to keep the new senior center moving forward — and things are looking great.  We believe that 2022 will bring many new blessings.  We wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy New Year — we will see you soon!