Get a Job – Content by Judy

    Now’s the time! Companies are hiring! Big and small. Full time and part time.

    Just figure out what are you looking for? Do you want to do the same type of work you did before? Do you want to do something totally different? Do you want something to keep you busy and get you out of the house? Maybe find a job that goes along with your hobby?

    Do you want to work just part of the year? If so, retail hiring for the holidays, garden centers, landscape companies.

    Check out schools. They are hiring nurses’ aides, substitute teachers, Paraprofessionals, bus monitors, and office staff.

    Do you like wine and know a lot about it? Check out the area wineries and see if they have seasonal openings.

    What about the golf course? Work part-time and maybe play for free. The same with a gym, maybe.

    What population would you like to work with? Kids? Maybe a day care or a school? Be a nanny.

    With food? How about a restaurant or a bakery??

    Maybe you want to work in a big box store and take advantage of the discount they give to workers?

    Do you want to meet a lot of people? So, maybe a receptionist? Telemarketer??  How about a service desk clerk? Customer returns?

    What do you want from a job? Extra money? Structure? Identity? Being able to travel?

    Could the job, you are looking for be at a bank, perhaps an online job? Maybe sales where you earn commission based on the sales you make – if that is the case the sky could be the limit for your income.

    Home Care agencies are always looking to hire. So are Nursing Homes and Rehabs. Those jobs could be in the kitchen or laundry at the Nursing Home, a companion, a Certified Nurse’s Aide, taking people to appointments, maybe light housework.

    To find these jobs. Tell others you are looking. Look on Facebook. Lots of times companies post jobs there. Ask at the places you go to each week. Volunteer then get hired.

    And what about tutoring? Were you a teacher? Are you really good at math? Are you already helping some kids with remote learning?

    Right now, with what is going on with COVID, some families are looking for more one-on-one situations. You could teach using ZOOM. You could help kids figure out and organize the assignments that the schools are giving them. It can be every hard for families where both parents are working to then come home and find the time to assist their students every day. And you could be the person they need.

    Also, some families are grouping up and hiring someone to teach all the kids. This would be great if you are a retired teacher!!l

    You can easily put yourself out there on Facebook or LinkedIn with what you have to offer and then anyone interested can private massager you. Depending on what you want to do, you do not ever have to actually meet person to person. You do not even need to live in the same area. You could be in Milwaukee and the student could be in Denver.

    The time to apply is now!! Research. Develop a resume and cover letter. Even if you do not need those, they will help you rediscover your skills and talents. Have a list of questions to ask the interviewer.  And if you get rejected, do not put yourself down. It is not personal.

    Just move on to the next opportunity and “Get a Job”

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    Membership Renewal

    Membership Renewal

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    Incontinence Supplies

    The Senior Center occasionally has packages of disposable underwear (adult diapers) donated which are available to seniors in need.  Please call to see what we have available.  Be aware that we cannot take requests for certain brand names.  We can let you know if we have the size and type you are looking for (pull-on, side-tab, pads or liners).  We occasionally have bed pads or underpads available as well.

    Please call (860) 889-5960 if you are in need.


    List of Virtual Presentations for the Month of September

    These virtual presentations are being shared by AARP, West Hartford Senior Center, Cromwell Senior Center, Fairfield Senior Center and Glastonbury Senior Center.


    • Virtual Concert: Bristol Old Tyme Fiddlers Wed., Sept 2nd  1:00p.m.

    The Bristol Old Tyme Fiddlers strive to preserve and promote the art of the old tyme fiddling that has been passed down from generation to generation.  The live musical performance will be streamed from the Chapel at Atria Hamilton Heights .

    Pre-registration required by emailing to receive the link.


    • Stories from the Attic Wed., Sept 9th  3:00p.m.

    Join Greg Van Antwerp, a successful History Hunter who has discovered numerous documents and artifacts that are as interesting as they are rare.  Greg will share some of the more interesting artifacts he has found and the history behind them.

    Email Hilary for the link to register.


    • Tour of the Wadsworth Atheneum Collections Thurs., Sept 10th  2:00p.m.

    Join us for a 75 minute docent-led virtual tour of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, founded in Hartford in 1842. You will see hand-picked pieces from the Museum’s permanent collection, go behind the scenes at the Museum’s conservation studio, and learn how you can access the special exhibition Savor: A Revolution in Food Culture.  Presented by AARP

    Email Hilary for the link to register.


    • Virtual Concert: United We Stand. Fri., Sept 11th  1:00p.m.

    Join Brian Gillie as he entertains with live performance of upbeat music and patriotic songs!

    Pre-registration required by emailing to receive the link.


    • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Using Meditation Wed., Sept 16th  6:30p.m.

    We are living in a time that feels often confusing and stressful.  Incorporating meditation in our lives can be the change that can make a big difference.  Join Dr. Matthew Raider, physician and longtime meditator, as he teaches a simple meditation technique to increase personal well-being.

    Email Hilary for the link to register.


    • Exercise and Healthy Aging Thurs., Sept 24th  2:00p.m.

    Through the course of our life, our bodies change.  Our daily activities and habits shape our physiology.  Exercise can be used as a tool to help prevent and fight disease and age-related decline.  Presented by Lisa Murawski, exercise physiologist, from GoodLife Fitness.

    Call Cromwell Senior Center to register.  (860)632-3447


    • Mondays at Mystic Seaport: The Gerta III Story Mon., Sept 28th  12:00p.m.

    Mystic Seaport Museum volunteer and researcher Howard Veisz shares the extraordinary story of Gerda III, a wooden boat built in 1926 to re-supply offshore lighthouses along the Danish coast. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark in World War II, she took on another cargo: clandestine groups of Jewish refugees that she transported to freedom.  Presented by AARP.

    Email Hilary for the link to register.


    • Emotional Lives of Persons with Dementia and their Care Partner Wed., Sept 30th  1:00p.m.

    Learn how emotions influence health for persons with dementia and their care partners.  Joan K. Monin, PhD, Associate Professor at Yale School of Public Health, will discuss effective ways in which care partners can manage their negative emotions and increase their positive emotions.

    Email Hilary for the link to register.