CONTENT BY JUDY – Independence equals Freedom

    When we think about our own independence, we often equate that independence with our day to day living. Can we get to the store, to work, to school? Is the weather a problem? Will there be a traffic issue? Am I running late?

    And with our day to day living we sometimes forget that Independence equals freedom, and, in this country, we have an abundance of freedoms. We can speak out. We vote.  We are free to worship as we choose. We can assemble when and where we want. We can move about as we choose.

    We are very fortunate to live in the United States and have these privileges.

    But back to our personal independence.

    I found the definition of independence to be – the ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people (Cambridge Dictionary)

    Now how silly is that – of course we are influenced by others – the news is just one example. And we are helped by other people on a regular basis. And who might they be – the doctor, your lawyer, your neighbor, a friend. Someone holds the door for you. They are helping you.

    But there are the times when that independence is compromised.

    Our personal independence can become very limited if say the car breaks down. We have a sick child at home. Our eyesight fails. We don’t react as quickly as we once did. A car, the insurance, gas, etc. becomes unaffordable.

    Our mobility. Our ability to get around can really define our life style. Our world can get very small if we no longer have the freedom to get about as we choose.

    What do we do then? How do we get places? What are the resources available to us?

    Who can I ask for a ride? Do I have too much self-pride to ask? What about shopping and all those appointments I have?

    Enable yourself to ask and to find out what resources are out there. Visit or call your Senior Center. Call 211. Use Ask at your Church. If you are a veteran or member of an organization, see if they give rides. And don’t overlook asking your family and friends. They probably would love to send more time with you.

    But remember you need to be flexible and fit what you want and need into someone else’s schedule. You don’t have to go shopping on Tuesday and running errands on Wednesday. Look at this all as a change in your life style – not that you lost your freedom. Embarrass your new methods of mobility as an adventure!

    Blithewold ~ Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum Bristol, Rhode Island

    A trip is being planned.  Please see the June Voices for more information!

    Blithewold is a 33-acre summer estate of the Van Wickle family with grand views of Narragansett Bay.  Originally purchased in 1894 and rebuilt in 1907 after a fire destroyed the original mansion, the property features a 45-room mansion filled with family heirlooms, and is framed by a series of lovely gardens that range in character from mysterious to exotic and from poetic to practical.  An exceptional collection of rare and unusual plants, trees, an accessible greenhouse, and whimsical stonework project a character that is romantic, fresh, and inspiring – and unique to Blithewold.


    Looking for a Saxophone or Clarinet Player Would you like to join a great group?

    Rose City Senior Center’s concert band, Roseland Combo is looking for a saxophone or clarinet player to join this very talented group!  If you enjoy playing “vintage” music, then consider joining the Roseland Combo and put some “spark” back in your “sparkle”!

    The Roseland Combo meets for rehearsal on Tuesday’s at 10:30am.  The group also accompanies the Golden Nuggets choral group on outings and occasionally plays for special events at the Senior Center.

    Please contact Hilary with questions or if you would be interested in joining the group.


    New from the Silver Palette

    The students from the painting class at the Rose City Senior Center recently displayed their work at the Lebanon Public Library’s annual “Equinox and the Arts Show”.  The paintings were on display from March 22rd to April 11th.  The class was represented by

    Rusty Cowan,  Natalie Caron, Shirley Marth,  Donald Rivest, Alice Harding, Linda Mathre, Debbie Gaudet, Verna Jean Souter, Estelle Tedeschi, Beverly Wood and Liz Popinchalk.

    Remember to check out the display case across from Reception and the display case in the hallway by the Library to see our latest art work.  Some pieces are for sale.  For information, leave your name and number at Reception or stop by and visit our class on Monday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the Art Room.

    ~ Liz Popinchalk Art Instructor


    Tomato Plant Sale Starting May 20th

    Start Time: 9:00am

    The Greenhouse will be selling tomato plants starting on Monday, May 20th in the Reception area.  Tomato plants will be on sale until they are sold out.  Plants will be reasonably priced with proceeds going towards the greenhouse for future purchases.  Please stop by and purchase a plant!