Making the World a Better Place – Content by Judy

    Connecticut has lost a great leader. Edith Prague stood head and shoulders above others. She wasn’t a politician. She was an advocate for those in need. She taught by example. She gave freely of her time, energy, and expertise. Passionate, dedicated, a champion of seniors and those in need is only the start of descripting Edith Prague. She worked tirelessly to create a world and the systems needed to help others. Edith stood up when others said it couldn’t be done. She did what was right even when she knew she would pay a high price. She taught me and many, many others the skills we needed and still use today to create a better world.

    I worked with Edith to raise the income limits for ConnPACE. She made the time to help me start and build a mail in campaign that was so successful the ConnPACE asset test has carried over to the MSP program many seniors benefit from today. This campaign grew into thousands of prescription bags being mailed to key state officials from all over the state. Seniors in Connecticut continued to mail them until the income limits for ConnPACE had automatic increases that equaled Social Security increases. Parts of that program has carried over to today’s MSP – Medicare Savings Program – that offers assistance to eligible Medicare enrollees.

    During her first term as Commissioner of the Dept of Aging she stood her ground and fought for what was best for Connecticut’s seniors. Then when she wouldn’t play ball with Governor Lowell Weicker, he fired her. He went on the eliminate the Department and threw the needs of the seniors into the Department of Social Services. But Edith never quit!

    Again, I worked with Edith to successfully recreate the Department on Aging in 2013. It was a long, hard-won fight. But when it was all over, she was rightfully named the Commissioner. Unfortunately failing health caused her to leave in 2014. And without her, the Department was again swallowed up. This time into the Department of Aging and Disability Services.

    (As a side note – it’s beyond me on how aging and a disability are similar. What’s the common ground for each group? If a person celebrates a certain birthday – they then are automatically disabled? If a person has a disability that makes them old? I just don’t get it…)

    Being a true problem solver, Edith was a driving force behind lower prescription costs, long-term care, senior housing and was an expert on counseling seniors on which health insurance program was best for them.

    The legacy Edith Prague leaves the seniors of Connecticut is endless and the impact of her advocacy will be with us for decades more. She worked tirelessly to create the systems and the programs many use and benefit from today!

    Thank you, Edith for making the world a better place!!

    Cancer Rehab Services

    Wednesday, February 16th   10:00 a.m.

    Presented by Amy Sieczkowski, DPT, PT, OCS , Select Physical Therapy

    ReVital Cancer Rehab is a new specialty service provided by therapists at Select Physical Therapy.  This type of physical therapy focuses on the current and lasting side effects of cancer treatments.

    60-90% of patients with cancer, as well as survivors, have at least 1 impairment that physical therapy can address in order to improve quality of life.  Such impairments include joint pain, joint stiffness, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, difficulty walking, balance concerns, falls (or fear of falling), and inability or difficulty in performing activities of daily living.

    Join Amy Sieczkowski, Select Physical Therapy Center Manager at the Norwich Clinic, to learn more on the ways physical therapy can help improve some side effects of cancer treatments.

    Please sign up at Reception if you will be attending.


    Elderly/Disabled (Circuit Breaker) Property Tax Credit Program

    Property Tax Credit (Circuit Breaker) Program is available to all CT real property owners who are age 65 or older or totally disabled.  Annual income cannot exceed $38,100 for an individual or $46,400 for a couple in 2021.  Discounts are based on a graduated income scale and are calculated by your town’s Tax Assessors Office.  Discount is applied directly to the applicant’s real property tax bill.

    Norwich Residents: For more information or to apply for the Property Tax Credit Program, please call the Norwich Tax Assessor’s Office.

    Applications are accepted between February 1 and May 15, 2022.

    Norwich Tax Assessor

    (860) 823-3723

    Veterans with established Connecticut residency may also be eligible for other tax credits.

    Residents of other towns: Call your town’s Tax Assessor’s Office for more information.


    TVCCA Energy Assistance Program

    Winter is here and home heating costs can be a struggle for many.  There is help.

    TVCCA is now taking applications for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program which provides assistance towards a homes primary source of heat – oil, natural gas, electricity, propane, kerosene, coal, wood or wood pellets.  The program is designed to help offset the winter heating costs of Connecticut’s lower income households.  Eligibility is based on income, family size, assets, and expenses.  Payments are made directly to the utility or fuel company.

    Income Limits:  Household Size: 1 2 3

    Annual Income     $39,027 $51,035 $63,044

    ► Last Day to Apply: May 31, 2022

    For an appointment or for additional information, please call TVCCA (860) 425-6681


    Connecticut Water Assistance Program

    TVCCA is now taking applications for the Connecticut Water Assistance Program.  This is a one-time water assistance benefit to help low income households. Covered services include restoration of household water services to eligible disconnected homes; reduction of overdue water bills; and prevention of service disconnection.  Help is available for both household water and wastewater bills.  Eligibility is based on income and family size.  Payments are made directly to your water provider.

    Income Limits:  Household Size: 1 2 3

    Annual Income     $39,027 $51,035 $63,044

    ► Last Day to Apply: May 31, 2022

    For an appointment or for additional information, please call TVCCA (860) 425-6681