Welcome Nurse Barbara LPN

    Barbara Boiselle LPN of Harford Healthcare Community Health will be providing preventative screenings, disease specific education, medication education, and care coordination to Norwich seniors (age 55 and older).  Barbara will be at Rose City Senior Center on Mondays and Thursdays and in the community at various Norwich senior housing locations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    Barbara will be focused on screenings, education, and referrals only, and will not provide any active treatment.  During a typical visit, she will record vitals, including blood pressure, temperature, oxygen, heart rate, respirations, pain, and weight.  She can provide testing as needed, including blood sugar, A1C, cholesterol, and hemoglobin.  Test results and any need for follow up care will be discussed.

    Barbara can also help with scheduling physician appointments, medication refills and work with your pharmacy or doctor to address medication concerns.  Answers to your medication questions and medication education will be offered during your appointment.

    Appointments are needed.  To schedule an appointment with Nurse Barbara LPN,

    Call: (860) 889-8331 x6416  or  Email:


    Scissor, Knife, and Blade Sharpening

    by Razor’s Edge Sharpening Service

    Knives $2.50  ▪  Scissors/Pinking Shears $5

    Non-Electric Pruners/Hedge Trimmers/Garden Tools $5

    Electric Hedge Trimmers $10  ▪  Chain Saw Chains/Lawn Mower Blades $5

    Drop off your items that need to be sharpened to the reception desk by Thursday, April 11th.

    Be sure to have your items wrapped in newspaper and safely stored in a plastic bag,

     with your name, phone number on bag and correct payment included.

    **Cash or check made payable to Dan Correia**

    Your items will be ready to be picked up starting on Friday, April 19th.


    AARP Income Tax Assistance

    Spots are filling up quickly!  Limited availability!

    If you wish to have your taxes done by an AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteer, please call the Senior Center or stop by the reception desk to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are available on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

    AARP Foundation Tax-Aide provides tax assistance free of charge, with a focus on taxpayers who are age 50 and older with low to moderate income.  Tax-Aide volunteers can help with most, but not all, tax returns.  If you have an extremely complicated return, Tax-Aide may not be able to help.

    Do not wait, appointments are almost fully booked!  Call (860) 889-5960 

    For more information on AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, Visit:


    Senior Center Library Information

    Borrowing Procedures & Donations

    Rose City Senior Center Members can borrow books as follows:

    • Take books from shelves only. Please do not take books from baskets or boxes.
    • Take what books you want to read and return them as soon as you have finished with them.
    • Please place returned books in wicker baskets located in the Library.

    The library is happy to accept donations as long as the books are:

    • Published within the last 4 years.
    • Clean with no stains or odors, and in new or nearly new condition.
    • Mysteries, Fiction, Romance, Large Print, Autobiographies, Biographies, or Non-Fiction.

    PLEASE DO NOT donate books that are mildewed, missing pages, dirty, smell or stained.


    Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Drop Bin

    A clothing, shoes & accessories drop bin is now located in our parking lot (right side of building).  This bin is run by the organization, Apparel Impact, whose goal is to keep textiles out of landfills and increase community outreach by providing donated items to those in need.

    Their main priority is to reuse and upcycle donated items, but items donated that are damaged and unwearable are downcycled into other products such as carpet, insulation and rags.  Drop bins located in Norwich have the potential of reducing 276 TONS of textiles from Norwich landfills annually!

    Please keep in mind that Rose City Senior Center does not accept donations of clothing & shoes.   These items should be brought directly to the Drop Bin and not brought into the Senior Center.   

    For more information on Apparel Impact and acceptable items to donate,