Membership Renewal

    Yearly Membership runs from July 1st – June 30th


    You need to be a registered Member of the Senior Center to take part in any activity, class, program or utilize any room in the Senior Center.  This includes using our Hairdresser, Massage Therapy and transportation services.  If you have any questions, please call us (860) 889-5960.


    In-Town Membership (Norwich Residents) is a suggested $25.00 per year

    Out-of-Town Membership is $40.00 per year

    Please stop by Reception to update your Membership or call for an application to be mailed to you.


    Pickleball Courts Update

    The Senior Center Pickleball court construction is well underway.  The courts are being built using a very generous grant from the Edward and Mary Lord Foundation as well as Neighborhood Revitalization ARPA Funds.  The courts should be ready for use by mid-June.


    TVCCA Assistance Programs

    Programs designed to help offset the costs for lower income households. 

    Eligibility is based on income, family size, assets, and expenses.

    CT Energy Assistance ~ Provides assistance towards a homes primary source of heat.

    CT Water Assistance ~ Provides assistance towards disconnection of household water/sewer.

    Income Limits:  Household Size/Income  1 person ($39,761) ,  2 people ($51,996),   3 people ($64,230)

    Last Day to Apply: May 31, 2023   Payments are made directly to your provider.

    For an appointment or for additional information, please call TVCCA (860) 425-6681

    Renter’s Rebate Program

    A program for low income elderly (65+) or disabled individuals who have rented in CT in 2022 and have not applied for the homeowners Circuit Breaker Program.  Program open through October 1, 2023.

    You must have rented in Connecticut in 2022.  Apply in the town you are currently living in.

    Income Limits:

    Single: $40,300 yearly or less  /  Couple: $49,100 yearly or less


    Appointment Needed, Please Call:

    Norwich residents, 55 and older call the Rose City Senior Center at (860) 889-5960.

    If you are under 55 and a Norwich resident, call Norwich Human Services at (860) 823-3778.

    If you reside in Senior Housing, please call your

     Resident Services Coordinator at your housing complex to apply.


    Elderly/Disabled Property Tax Credit Program

    Property Tax Credit (Circuit Breaker) Program is available to all CT real property owners who are age 65 or older or totally disabled.  Annual income cannot exceed $40,300 for an individual or $49,100 for a couple in 2022.  Discounts are based on a graduated income scale and are calculated by your town’s Tax Assessors Office.  Discount is applied directly to the applicant’s real property tax bill.

    Applications are accepted until May 15, 2023.  Apply at your towns Assessor’s Office.

    Norwich Tax Assessor (860) 823-3723