Pets – Content by Judy

    I recently got a puppy and I can’t tell you how much richer my life is because of our new little beagle, Harriett! She makes us laugh. She gets us up and moving. She’s funny and smart. I think we are going to be in trouble cuz she might be a little too smart.

    The CDC article I was recently reading states that studies show the bond between people and pets lowers stress, increases fitness and brings happiness which can lead to decreased blood pressure, decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels, decreased feelings of loneness with increased opportunities for exercise and socialization. Plus, pets can help us with weight loss.

    When considering what to get for a pet we should be considering how long the pet will live. What they eat. How much exercise they will need? How big or small will it be when full grown. Are pets allowed where you live. How much time you have for a pet? How much will the pet cost between vet bills, food, grooming, etc.

    Another thing is pet insurance. This is becoming more popular and can be quite affordable. And can cover those unexpected illnesses and accidents.

    And before you get your pet. Figure out what pet you might want. The cost and time commitment. Reasons why that pet might not be a good idea. Ask yourself – will my life be richer if I get this pet? Or should I consider a cat instead? Maybe fish?

    If you haven’t had a pet before you might want to consider a parakeet, a gecko, a gerbil or guinea pig. They are pretty easy to care for.

    And remember the benefits!! Companionship, movement and laughter. Pets can give us a new meaning and purpose in life. My grandkids have come to visit more so they can see the puppy.

    Most households in the US have at least one pet. You just need to pick the right pet for you and your household. We all are better off for loving a pet.

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    Did you know that January is National Soup Month?

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