Hey where are my friends? – Content by Judy

    We look around in today’s world and often notice we are looking down at a devise rather than at each other. It wasn’t long ago if you were waiting for your appointment, your turn to check out or for the movie to start that people were actually talking to each other.

    The chatting might have been about the wait, the weather or other insignificant things but we were engaging with each other.

    We humans are social animals. We fail to thrive as babies if we are not held, talked to and loved by others. The same holds true throughout our lives. We don’t want to be by ourselves 100% of the time. Oh, we like our alone time but soon find we want to be out and with others.

    Often the problem arises in today’s world of how do we make new friends? How do we gather?

    We have our routines where we go to family for the holidays. Off to this friend for Fourth of July. We belong to this club and volunteer over there.

    Then time passes. We have moved. They have moved. There was a spat. The club or volunteer work is no longer rewarding. Friends and family have died.

    We are more alone than we want to be… And it’s hard.

    It has become harder to make new friends. Where do you find them? How do you start?

    You could start by making a list of your friends and add to that list people you know who you would like to get to know better.

    Now think about the things you like to do or want to do. Try to pair up those things and those people on your list.

    When you think it might work, invite them to join you on that yard sale adventure or to go to the museum or how about the Farmer’s Market.

    You won’t get a yes, every time but keep trying. Don’t give up. Try, try again.

    And just try saying Hi to everyone you encounter during your week. Be the person you are looking for. Yes, I know it’s hard, but they are looking for friends too.

    And remember is there to help you find those activities, events and trips to ask others to join you in.

    Set a goal. Make two new friends this year and do three things you have never done before. And that can lead to a fuller and more engaging life!

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