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    Lymes’ Senior Center Drawings

    As Senior Centers become more and more appealing to younger and younger seniors Senior Centers will continue to grow and evolve. 
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    Seniors are 75+ Strong

    The older population now covers more than 40 years. You have grandparents (90+ year olds), parents (70+ year olds) and children (50+ year olds ) that are treated as one group and you look at them as all the same! This group of 75+ million, are Active Agers open to trying new things and are very savvy. Branch out. This is a very large group of spenders with huge purchasing power. Look to update your advertising and be where Active Agers are.

    Valuable Resource

    Here is a fantastic tool to help you find and compare nursing homes, hospitals, home health services and more. And it’s easy to use. Browse and remember it’s out there along with They are both very valuable resources.

    The 50+ Population is Growing

    The 50+ population is growing rapidly and living longer. Older Americans are working longer. They are likely to be living alone and with one or more disabilities. And the pool of caregivers is shrinking. Read more by clicking

    7 Tips for Marketing during COVID-19

    Are you marketing for a sprint? Or are you running a marathon to grow the customers that will support you in the future?? If the answer is a marathon, then be positive and update what you have to offer. Do a video. Tell a story. Read more about engaging and connecting with your audience. Read more by clicking