Facilitated by UCFS and our Better Health Clinician, we have a once a week Grief Support Group. We are looking to provide this via ZOOM in the month of November as the Senior Center remains closed. This is a free program. Are you sad or suffering the loss of a loved one? Spouse, child, friend, or pet? Sometimes it is very difficult to deal with such loss. Join this confidential and private grief support group and learn coping techniques and ways to help you deal with your loss. Support group is ongoing, please sign up by calling the office at #860-848-0422. No need to speak in the group if you are not comfortable, you will still take away ways to cope with loss!

    MedRIDE II- Free Regional Transportation Program Montville & Norwich Seniors

    Free Regional Transportation Program Montville & Norwich Seniors
    If you are in need of medical transportation, call the new MedRIDE II program. WE can help. The
    town of Montville and City of Norwich have joined together and received a grant to help transport
    seniors to medically necessary appointments. Do you need to go to Yale, New Haven, Hartford
    Hospital or Farmington to a specialist? Let us take you! Call 860-889-5960 for your appointment.

    MONTVILLE MEDRIDES – Free Transportation Program

    The Montville Senior Center Med RIDE I program is available to take seniors to any/all medical
    appointments. Doctor, pharmacy, hospital screenings & tests, dentists, etc. To make an appointment,
    call Kathie or Ruthie at the Senior Center 860-848-0422. It is best to schedule your appointment as
    soon as it is made to avoid any scheduling conflicts. This program is supported by the Town of
    Montville and Senior Resources with Title III funds made available under the Older Americans Act.
    Donations accepted.


    Designed to help those in need feel good, deal with life’s changes, depression, addiction, and address other mental health needs. The Better Health Program, provides a licensed clinician to work one-on-one with our residents and offer our weekly group support services.  This valuable program is FREE to our Montville residents!  This program is usually at the Center though during this time, will be made via phone calls and/or Zoom for support groups if possible.  This program is made possible with Title III funds under the Older Americans Act from Senior Resources.

    Call Kathie the Director @ 860-848-0422 for details.


    Foot Clinic with Dr. Thomas Walter

    Come and get the Foot Care you need. Our On-A-Good-Foot Program can help. Foot care not covered by Medicare will be paid by a grant received from Senior Resources with Title III funds made available under the Older Americans Act. A suggested donation of $6.00 is appreciated and helpful, not required. Dr. Thomas Walter, Podiatrist comes to our Center once a month to perform routine foot care. Call for an appt 860-848-0422.

    (Please call Doctor if having issue- Home visits possible)