Wednesdays- curbside pickup lunch or have your meal in the café!

    We are now offering a weekly Wednesday lunch, including dessert, for $7.00. Check our Facebook page or call us at 860-464-0478 for the menu and to place your order.  All orders must be called in by 10:30 Tuesday morning.  The lunches will be available for a contactless curbside pick-up at noon on Wednesday.  This service is available to the general public. Let us make your day a little easier with a hot prepared meal which you could use for either lunch or dinner!

    Senior Center Cafe Menu- Breakfast and Lunch

    Join us for great meal with great people! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- Call in orders BEFORE 11am at 860-464-0478.   SPECIAL HOLIDAY LUNCHES  $8.00

    Breakfast served from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm             

    2 eggs/bacon or toast                           $3.00

    Breakfast sandwich/egg/cheese        $2.00

    Breakfast sandwich or bacon             $3.00

    French toast or bacon                           $3.00

    Cheese omelet/toast                              $3.00

    2 Pancakes or bacon                             $3.00


    Lunch at 12:00 pm 


    Turkey Club                                           $4.00

    Hamburger/Cheeseburger                $4.00

    Grilled Cheese plain/tomato             $3.00

    Grilled Cheese w/Bacon/tomato      $4.00

    Italian chicken salad                           $4.00

    BLT sandwich                                      $4.00

    Chicken salad Sandwich                    $4.00

    Garden/Caesar salad/ roll                $3.00

    Chef salad/ roll                                   $4.00



    Renters Rebate is a State qualified program run by OPM (Office of Policy and Management) for residents who are elderly/disabled and make a certain amount of income. This program runs from April 1, 2021 to October 1, 2021. To qualify you need to present proof of expenses (rent, electricity, gas, water and fuel) when applying to Karen Goetchius, Municipal Agent, as well as social security benefits or any other income from last year. For more information, call 860-464-8464.

    Hair Salon- Tuesday and Thursdays

    Full Hair Salon Services ranging from haircut, set and blow dry, color, foil, and perms are offered Tuesday and Thursdays at the Ledyard Senior Center.

    Call Amy at 860-367-2896 to schedule an appointment.