Senior Center Cafe Menu- Breakfast and Lunch

    Join us for great meal with great people! Monday – Friday. Call in orders BEFORE 11am at 860-464-0478.        SPECIAL HOLIDAY LUNCHES  $8.00

    Breakfast served from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm             

    2 eggs/bacon or toast                           $3.00

    Breakfast sandwich/egg/cheese        $2.00

    Breakfast sandwich or bacon             $3.00

    French toast or bacon                           $3.00

    Cheese omelet/toast                              $3.00

    2 Pancakes or bacon                             $3.00


    Lunch at 12:00 pm 


    Turkey Club                                           $4.00

    Hamburger/Cheeseburger                $4.00

    Grilled Cheese plain/tomato             $3.00

    Grilled Cheese w/Bacon/tomato      $4.00

    Italian chicken salad                           $4.00

    BLT sandwich                                      $4.00

    Chicken salad Sandwich                    $4.00

    Garden/Caesar salad/ roll                $3.00

    Chef salad/ roll                                   $4.00


    Hair Salon- Tuesday and Thursdays by appointment

    Full Hair Salon Services ranging from haircut, set and blow dry, color, foil, and perms are offered Tuesday and Thursdays at the Ledyard Senior Center.

    Call Amy at 860-367-2896 to schedule an appointment.


    Are you in need of rides to doctor’s appointments and medical tests?  If so you may be eligible for the services of Easter

    n Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc., a private non-profit 501(c)3 agency whose purpose is to promote the coordination and consolidation of para-transit services for persons of low income, elderly, physically and mentally disabled individuals in Southeastern Connecticut.  ECTC can be an additional means of transportation besides the Ledyard Senior Center if your appointments fall on days and times during the week that the Ledyard Senior Center does not do.   Please call 860-464-0478 or ECTC 860-848-5910 or fax 860-848-5917 for further information. Their website is

    Caregiver Mileage Reimbursement and Dial-A-Ride Medical Transportation begins July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.  The annual registration fee has been waived for this year.  Please call 860-464-0478 to sign up or if you have questions.


    MONDAY:  Senior Center, Doctor Appointments

    TUESDAY:  Senior Center, Doctor Appointments

    WEDNESDAY:  Senior Center

    2nd Wednesday:  Job Lot & Dollar Tree Stores

    THURSDAY:  Senior Center, Doctor Appointments

    FRIDAY:  Senior Center, Stop & Shop or Walmart

    1st Friday – Bank Run


    Call us at 860-464-0478 to schedule all transportation requests.

    The Ledyard Senior Center offers daily transportation to the Center for activities including lunch, along with rides to medical appointments and other necessities according to the schedule below.  All individuals using our transportation must complete an annual transportation form. A wheelchair lift is available. Please be aware that the Senior Center does not provide assistance to and from the vehicle.  Persons must be able to: travel without assistance, wait outside for 10 minutes, climb three 12-inch steps or use the wheelchair lift.  The Senior Center cannot provide rides home from a medical appointment/procedure that involves general anesthetics. We service Ledyard, Gales Ferry, New London, Groton, Mystic, Waterford, Norwich. Call for details.