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Enhanced Benefits Checkup Counseling is BACK!!

Senior Resources Enhanced Benefits Checkup Coordinator, Lori Napolitano will be taking appointments here at Groton Senior Center twice a month on Tuesdays the following dates:

  • Screenings are appropriate for those seeking State/Federal Program assistance as well as Medicare Counseling.
  • Clients can be scheduled regardless of where they live in CT.  If an appointment is not available at the town they reside, clients will can schedule at another location.
  • Clients must come prepared for their appointment. Failure to come prepared impacts the client negatively.

Call 860-441-6785 to schedule.


As a rider on the Senior Center transportation, the center provides a low cost ride to medical appointments and shopping for $2.00 a ride.  Due to the time it takes to process the payments, the center is going to a prepay card system.  One can purchase a ten ride card for $20 which will then be punched by the driver when you arrive for your ride.  These cards will be good until all ten rides are punched then you can purchase another card.

We will be transitioning to using only these cards by January 1, 2016.  You have several options for purchasing a card.  When at the senior center, you can purchase a card at the front desk.  You can mail a check for $20 to the center with a note what it is for.  Be sure to put your driver’s license information on the check.  Or you can purchase the card over the phone (860)441-6785  and use a credit card for payment.

Transportation Information page

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    We are now THRIVE55+

    Groton Senior Center is adopting a new identity THRIVE55+ Active Living Center to better reflect the efforts to promote the healthy and vibrant lifestyles of its members and staff efforts to help older adults thrive in the community. This change is a result of a 2019 research study of perceptions and barriers to using the Senior Center. This study showed that the word “senior” had negative connotations from nonusers affecting the overall perception of its programs and services. An overwhelming majority of survey participants supported removing “senior” from the organization’s title, and suggested branding that reflects the activities and community services offered. Based on the recommendations of the survey, the rebranding of the center was an appropriate step to shift perceptions and ultimately better align with available center services. For at least six months the brand will have the tag line “powered by the Groton Senior Center” before transitioning fully to the new name alone. This will allow time for people to adapt to the new name but also know that it is still the same staff who will continue with the quality programs that are offered. Below is an explanation of the new brand. Both the research of perceptions and barriers and the new branding and renaming efforts were paid for by the center’s fund balance and not from taxpayer dollars. If you have any questions, you can contact Mark Berry or Mary Jo Riley.

    The Medicare Annual Election Period is upon us from October through December 7th

    The Care Partners of CT will be holding virtual Medicare Advantage seminars almost every day from October through December 7th.
    To learn about Medicare, How to Enroll and 2022 Medicare Plan options, you can check dates and times and reserve your spot call 1-844-377-8162 (TTY: 711) or at

    Voting – Content by Judy

    Election Day will be here soon enough, and we all need to exercise our right to vote. Remind others and encourage them to vote as well. Keep in mind that we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we pick who represents us.

    Voting is a basic right and our way to raise our voice and be a part of how our world runs.

    Remember if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain after the fact about anything to do with taxes, the way things are or are not because you didn’t care enough to vote.

    Sure, you can say “My vote doesn’t make any difference” but it does!! We all have seen those close election results. That great new candidate who ‘only’ lost by 3 votes. Someone else winning be a handful of votes. These are the perfect examples of your vote does make a difference.

    We all need to find out who’s running this November and what those candidates stand for. If we agree with them or not. For those that are in office – do we think they are doing a good job? Do they listen? Do they represent what we want or are they always voting the party line? Should they get re-elected? Or is time for someone new?

    And the candidates need to pay attention to us! Because the older population are the most likely to vote! We know what works and what doesn’t work. We have lived the social issues. We have seen the politics involved – both good and bad! And over 70% of us vote!!

    Yes, out of every 10 people 65+, 7 of them will be voting in November.

    Think about that… This age group can influence all policy. If taxes go up or down or stay the same? Does that referendum pass or does it fail? Does the new candidate win? Does the incumbent get re-elect?

    Again, think about it! Your vote can be the very vote that drives change! Mark your calendar so you don’t forget. Call for a ride if you need one. But be sure to vote because elections are decided by those who show up!! Not those who stay home!!

    As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world!!”


    Cove Barista-

    We are seeking two volunteers for each day Tuesday-Friday to work in the Cove with the exception of
    Wednesdays and Fridays we would need one volunteer for each of these days to help in the kitchen
    (training will be provided). The hours would be 8:30-10:15 , duties would include selling baked goods,
    coffee and using a microwave occasionally. If interested please stop by to see Tomi or call 860-441-6782