Enhanced Benefits Checkup Counseling is BACK!!

Senior Resources Enhanced Benefits Checkup Coordinator, Lori Napolitano will be taking appointments here at Groton Senior Center twice a month on Tuesdays the following dates:

April 19th

May 3rd

May 17th

June 7th

June 21st

  • Screenings are appropriate for those seeking State/Federal Program assistance as well as Medicare Counseling.
  • Clients can be scheduled regardless of where they live in CT.  If an appointment is not available at the town they reside, clients will can schedule at another location.
  • Clients must come prepared for their appointment. Failure to come prepared impacts the client negatively.

Call 860-441-6785 to schedule.



As a rider on the Senior Center transportation, the center provides a low cost ride to medical appointments and shopping for $2.00 a ride.  Due to the time it takes to process the payments, the center is going to a prepay card system.  One can purchase a ten ride card for $20 which will then be punched by the driver when you arrive for your ride.  These cards will be good until all ten rides are punched then you can purchase another card.

We will be transitioning to using only these cards by January 1, 2016.  You have several options for purchasing a card.  When at the senior center, you can purchase a card at the front desk.  You can mail a check for $20 to the center with a note what it is for.  Be sure to put your driver’s license information on the check.  Or you can purchase the card over the phone (860)441-6785  and use a credit card for payment.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please feel free to call Mary Jo at 860-441-6636 or Cindy Morrison at 860-441-6623.

Transportation Information page

Guidelines Grant Transportation 2015 Finalv2





    Due to the continued COVID19 crisis, transportation by Groton Senior Center will still be very limited. GSC medical and shopping transportation will continue as they have throughout the pandemic. Safety measures are required on all rides– face masks and safe distancing will be required. In addition, to maintain social distancing protocol the number of passengers/riders are limited for these services currently.
    Transportation to and from our center will only resume when we are fully staffed again. We are looking out for the health and safety of not only our patrons but also our staff. Thank you for your support in this matter.
    The center has continued to offer Medical, Shopping and Bank runs during the pandemic. All persons getting on the van are screened for symptoms before boarding the bus. Everyone must wear a mask when on the bus. The bus is cleaned regularly by the drivers as people disembark off the bus. Everyone’s health and safety is kept in mind with transportation.
    Any concerns or questions? For more information or a detailed flyer of our transportation program please call (860)441-6785 Monday – Friday 1– 4 pm. *Please be aware that GSC does not provide assistance to and from the vehicle.

    Change – Content by Judy

    Change is defined as – the act of making or becoming different. This whole COVID situation certainly has made our entire lives different in a multitude of ways. From how we stay safe, interact, work and even make purchases evolves constantly.

    2020 has been the all-time master of change whether we wanted it or not! Who would have ever dreamed we would be wearing masks? In 2019 we didn’t even know what social distancing was. Also, in 2019 just what could of possibly have been meant by “mandatory stay at home”?? Or that children would no longer go to school?

    Even if someone had told you that they were going to make all of this into a movie, most of us would have said it’s all too crazy and no one will ever go see that!

    For us New England Patriots fans the biggest 2020 news should have been Tom Brady leaving!! Instead local and high school sports almost doesn’t exist. Fans can’t go to games.  We don’t know from week to week which school is opened, and which are closed.

    COVID has changed our world forever. Whether we wanted it or not! Life will never go back to what it was.

    Now is the time we should be thinking about how we want our individual lives to be as we move past 2020.

    What do you want your 2022 to look like? What have you been dreaming about? What did you miss the most? What did you get robbed of in 2020? My husband and I were not able to celebrate our 50th Anniversary the way we had been planning for the last three years. We were going to have a huge party with all of the bells and whistles followed by a three-week vacation to Vancouver, a cruise to San Francisco and then onto Las Vegas.

    So now is the time to start planning to live the life you want. Use the present to get healthier. Find new paths to travel. Start saving, even if it’s only $5.00 a week.

    Don’t be afraid to reach out. Talk to your doctor, your friends, your family. Find a therapist.  Tell them how hard 2020 has been for you.

    Embrace change! No matter what it will look like.

    Figure out new ways to socialize. I’m doing a Zoom Paint Night where the instructor will be online, and attendees can be in person in small groups or on Zoom. A network I’m part of is planning a Zoom night where we will learn how to make a couple of drinks.

    Start work on your “2020 Bucket List”. Start making the actual plan on how you will achieve those goals. Hit the ground running. Be ready  to live.

    Now start planning your 2022 so you will know what it’s going to look like!!


    At this time, the TECHNOLOGY CENTER is limited to 9 people per room..

    Due to safety precautions, we are asking that any Tech Center services be only one on one appointments until further notice. To meet with Wally, Dick and Joe please call 860-445-1057 to schedule.
    * Face masks will be required to be worn properly while in the Tech Center.
    * 6 feet social distancing is observed.
    * Joe will still offer Monday morning iPad help.
    * Wally and Dick volunteer most weekday mornings.
    * No Tech Talk during the Fall 2 session.
    * Wii Bowling will not be taking place this session as anything that has persons sharing “supplies” (cards, game)

    WE WEDNESDAYS virtual program meets weekly Wednesdays 10:00 am – 10:30 am virtually through the ZOOM app so that we may socialize with you while safe distancing.

    We keep it casual with one staff member and just allow for everyone to have a chance to say hello, chat about current events, check in on one another and hear GSC updates.
    The ZOOM meeting ID is 705 601 3648 no password is required just the ID or the link You can also email or call us for the link. 🙂

    Be a Part of the System!! – Content by Judy

    We just had another election.

    Did your candidate win or lose? Are you happy with the results? Or are you disgusted…. with the results… the candidates… the road we are headed down?

    Earlier this year I wrote… “I recently was at a networking event and we were asked “What is important enough to you that you would protest for it?” That is a pretty deep question to answer when you don’t know those around you. My answer was “our basic rights”. The freedom of speech. The right to assemble. The right to bear arms and the right to vote.

    And this country was founded so we as individuals could not be suppressed. We have freedom of speech which enables us to voice our beliefs and we need to continue to exercise all these basic rights.”

    As we reflect on the results of this election, we need to look for better candidates at every level. Talk to your friends and family. Ask them and yourself which Office, Committee or Board needs help and what you can offer. Then reach out. Make the phone call. Write an email. Step up! All Towns and Cities have many positions that need to be filled every year. I can guarantee they will welcome your offer of help.

    When you see something you don’t agree with, don’t just complain and write an angry post or comment. Ask others what they think and how they feel about it. Learn them. Figure out how the situation or problem can be changed or fixed. Then work towards doing just that.

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  -Gandhi

    Don’t settle for status quo.

    We need to stand up and be a part of the system. We need to be a part of the process. We need to hear each other and be respectful. We need to bring our differences together.

    We cannot just complain and expect someone else to “fix” things!!

    Take some time and reflect. Decide what you believe in today. Challenge yourself.

    And as Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    Now go out and be a part of that change!