Voting – Content by Judy

    Election Day will be here soon enough, and we all need to exercise our right to vote. Remind others and encourage them to vote as well. Keep in mind that we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we pick who represents us.

    Voting is a basic right and our way to raise our voice and be a part of how our world runs.

    Remember if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain after the fact about anything to do with taxes, the way things are or are not because you didn’t care enough to vote.

    Sure, you can say “My vote doesn’t make any difference” but it does!! We all have seen those close election results. That great new candidate who ‘only’ lost by 3 votes. Someone else winning be a handful of votes. These are the perfect examples of your vote does make a difference.

    We all need to find out who’s running this November and what those candidates stand for. If we agree with them or not. For those that are in office – do we think they are doing a good job? Do they listen? Do they represent what we want or are they always voting the party line? Should they get re-elected? Or is time for someone new?

    And the candidates need to pay attention to us! Because the older population are the most likely to vote! We know what works and what doesn’t work. We have lived the social issues. We have seen the politics involved – both good and bad! And over 70% of us vote!!

    Yes, out of every 10 people 65+, 7 of them will be voting in November.

    Think about that… This age group can influence all policy. If taxes go up or down or stay the same? Does that referendum pass or does it fail? Does the new candidate win? Does the incumbent get re-elect?

    Again, think about it! Your vote can be the very vote that drives change! Mark your calendar so you don’t forget. Call for a ride if you need one. But be sure to vote because elections are decided by those who show up!! Not those who stay home!!

    As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world!!”

    Wednesdays- curbside pickup lunch or have your meal in the café!

    We are now offering a weekly Wednesday lunch, including dessert, for $7.00. Check our Facebook page or call us at 860-464-0478 for the menu and to place your order.  All orders must be called in by 10:30 Tuesday morning.  The lunches will be available for a contactless curbside pick-up at noon on Wednesday.  This service is available to the general public. Let us make your day a little easier with a hot prepared meal which you could use for either lunch or dinner!

    Senior Center Cafe Menu- Breakfast and Lunch

    Join us for great meal with great people! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- Call in orders BEFORE 11am at 860-464-0478.   SPECIAL HOLIDAY LUNCHES  $8.00

    Breakfast served from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm             

    2 eggs/bacon or toast                           $3.00

    Breakfast sandwich/egg/cheese        $2.00

    Breakfast sandwich or bacon             $3.00

    French toast or bacon                           $3.00

    Cheese omelet/toast                              $3.00

    2 Pancakes or bacon                             $3.00


    Lunch at 12:00 pm 


    Turkey Club                                           $4.00

    Hamburger/Cheeseburger                $4.00

    Grilled Cheese plain/tomato             $3.00

    Grilled Cheese w/Bacon/tomato      $4.00

    Italian chicken salad                           $4.00

    BLT sandwich                                      $4.00

    Chicken salad Sandwich                    $4.00

    Garden/Caesar salad/ roll                $3.00

    Chef salad/ roll                                   $4.00


    Senior Center Book Discussion- Fourth Wednesday of the Month at 10:30am

    The Gales Ferry Librarian, Elaine Steele, facilitates the discussion.  Anyone over the age of 55 is welcome to participate.  Copies of the monthly selection are available in regular print, large print, audio, and sometimes, as a downloadable book or audio.  Upcoming books are distributed monthly at the discussion. If you are looking for a book discussion we would  love to have you join us.


    The Ledyard Library Also Provides Materials Delivered to your Home-  The Ledyard Library provides a home bound delivery of materials for residents who are unable to get to the library.  If you like to read. Listen to music or audio books or even watch movies, library volunteers will deliver these items to your home.  We will fill specific requests for a book or movie or let us know what subjects you like and a librarian will choose some items for you.   The library offers many titles in regular or large print, and audio books.  We also have a collection of magazines, music CDs, and movies.  Fill out the homebound survey available from the Ledyard Senior Center, either library or down load the form from the library webpage at

    The forms may be left at the Senior Center or returned to the library.  Contact Elaine Steele at Gales Ferry Library (860) 464-6943 for more information