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    Connecticut has lost a great leader. Edith Prague stood head and shoulders above others. She wasn’t a politician. She was an advocate for those in need. She taught by example. She gave freely of her time, energy, and expertise. Passionate, dedicated, a champion of seniors and those in need is only the start of descripting Edith Prague. She worked tirelessly to create a world and the systems needed to help others. Edith stood up when others said it couldn’t be done. She did what was right even when she knew she would pay a high price. She taught me and many, many others the skills we needed and still use today to create a better world.

    I worked with Edith to raise the income limits for ConnPACE. She made the time to help me start and build a mail in campaign that was so successful the ConnPACE asset test has carried over to the MSP program many seniors benefit from today. This campaign grew into thousands of prescription bags being mailed to key state officials from all over the state. Seniors in Connecticut continued to mail them until the income limits for ConnPACE had automatic increases that equaled Social Security increases. Parts of that program has carried over to today’s MSP – Medicare Savings Program – that offers assistance to eligible Medicare enrollees.

    During her first term as Commissioner of the Dept of Aging she stood her ground and fought for what was best for Connecticut’s seniors. Then when she wouldn’t play ball with Governor Lowell Weicker, he fired her. He went on the eliminate the Department and threw the needs of the seniors into the Department of Social Services. But Edith never quit!

    Again, I worked with Edith to successfully recreate the Department on Aging in 2013. It was a long, hard-won fight. But when it was all over, she was rightfully named the Commissioner. Unfortunately failing health caused her to leave in 2014. And without her, the Department was again swallowed up. This time into the Department of Aging and Disability Services.

    (As a side note – it’s beyond me on how aging and a disability are similar. What’s the common ground for each group? If a person celebrates a certain birthday – they then are automatically disabled? If a person has a disability that makes them old? I just don’t get it…)

    Being a true problem solver, Edith was a driving force behind lower prescription costs, long-term care, senior housing and was an expert on counseling seniors on which health insurance program was best for them.

    The legacy Edith Prague leaves the seniors of Connecticut is endless and the impact of her advocacy will be with us for decades more. She worked tirelessly to create the systems and the programs many use and benefit from today!

    Thank you, Edith for making the world a better place!!


    Gerald Moshell, pianist.

    DATE:  Wednesday, March 9

    TIME:  12:15 p.m.

    Marc Deaton is a world-renowned operatic tenor, perhaps most well-known for his Wagnerian roles, performed with companies around the globe. He has currently settled in Madison CT, where, in addition to singing, acting, directing, teaching, and writing, he is Artistic Director of the Madison Lyric Stage, where in June he and Gerald Moshell will be collaborating on a production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical-theater masterpiece, “Sweeney Todd.”

    FEE:  Free!  Open to the general public.  Optional lunch for $7.00 to follow the free concert.  RSVP to 860-464-0478.


    Gerald Moshell, pianist.

    DATE:  Wednesday, February 16

    TIME:  12:15 p.m.

    Tom Fuller, a recently retired lawyer from Washington DC, has sung many a lead in musicals and operetta, including seven productions conducted by Gerald Moshell. His program will include selections by Leonard Bernstein, Lerner & Loewe, and British classical composers.

    FEE:  Free!  Open to the general public.  Optional lunch for $7.00 to follow the free concert.  RSVP to 860-464-0478.


    Are you in need of rides to doctor’s appointments and medical tests?  If so you may be eligible for the services of Easter

    n Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc., a private non-profit 501(c)3 agency whose purpose is to promote the coordination and consolidation of para-transit services for persons of low income, elderly, physically and mentally disabled individuals in Southeastern Connecticut.  ECTC can be an additional means of transportation besides the Ledyard Senior Center if your appointments fall on days and times during the week that the Ledyard Senior Center does not do.   Please call 860-464-0478 or ECTC 860-848-5910 or fax 860-848-5917 for further information. Their website is

    Caregiver Mileage Reimbursement and Dial-A-Ride Medical Transportation begins July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.  The annual registration fee has been waived for this year.  Please call 860-464-0478 to sign up or if you have questions.


    MONDAY:  Senior Center, Doctor Appointments

    TUESDAY:  Senior Center, Doctor Appointments

    WEDNESDAY:  Senior Center

    2nd Wednesday:  Job Lot & Dollar Tree Stores

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    FRIDAY:  Senior Center, Stop & Shop or Walmart

    1st Friday – Bank Run