The Senior & Social Services Offices will be handling applications for Energy Assistance in a new manner. Appointments for applications will begin in October, 2020, assistance from TVCCA will start in November 2020. The program runs until March 30, 2021. Appointments will be made in a “drive up” manner. We will explain beforehand all of the items you need to bring and at your appointed time, run out to the car to get documentation. We will copy, do application and bring back out for out for you to sign. The Town of Montville Senior & Social Services Department has a partnership with various energy organizations and can take application directly for each program. Please call for you appointment. All income/assets from current year are needed. Please do not miss out on these programs, call to see if you qualify and/or to make an appointment! Please call #860-848-0422 to sign up.


    Facilitated by UCFS and our Better Health Clinician, we have a once a week Grief Support Group. We are looking to provide this via ZOOM in the month of November as the Senior Center remains closed. This is a free program. Are you sad or suffering the loss of a loved one? Spouse, child, friend, or pet? Sometimes it is very difficult to deal with such loss. Join this confidential and private grief support group and learn coping techniques and ways to help you deal with your loss. Support group is ongoing, please sign up by calling the office at #860-848-0422. No need to speak in the group if you are not comfortable, you will still take away ways to cope with loss!

    ZOOM MEDITATION CLASS- Wednesdays at 10am

    Deep Breathing, Aromatherapy, Guided Mediation, and Mindfulness Discussions. This is a great way to start the day and will be offered via ZOOM for the next few months! There are many health benefits to Mediation: Detoxification of body, de-stressing, increased cardiovascular capacity, regulate weight, improved posture, help with anxiety, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure & more! Classes are ongoing—you can join at any time, please call the office to sign up and on instructions to participate.

    Health & Wellness Program: Monday – Friday on Videos

    We have been providing Health & Wellness video since this crazy pandemic started! If you would like to receive the videos – they are sent via email – please send me an email with your request and I will add you to the list! This is a great way to stay active while staying home and safe! The program is called COOPED UP WITH CAITLIN and videos are provided Monday – Fri-day and show you how to keep moving safely in your home! Working on different muscle groups, different areas of the body, etc. the videos will show you how to move throughout the home, using different furniture or household items to hold or hold on to while performing exercises to help keep your muscles and blood moving and flowing!

    MedRIDE II- Free Regional Transportation Program Montville & Norwich Seniors

    If you are in need of medical transportation, call the new MedRIDE II program. WE can help. The town of Montville and City of Norwich have joined together and received a grant to help transport seniors to medically necessary appointments. Do you need to go to Yale, New Haven, Hartford.

    (Critical Appointments only at this time.)