Better Health Program

    Available 4 days a week—call and come down to meet Michelle. Our new clinician for our mental health one-on-one services and group therapy! The Montville Senior & Social services is offering a FREE Mental Health Services at both the Montville Senior Center and Montville Social Servicers. Many people find the holidays difficult, or suffer from depression, have anxiety, addictions or just need someone to talk to. Mental Health is a very important part of health care. Don’t neglect your mind while taking care of your body! This program at the Center is made possible with a grant received from Senior Resources with Title III funds made available under the Older Americans Act. Call for details and/or an appointment! A suggested donation of $1.00 per visit is appreciated!

    Senior Center & Senior Club News

    The Montville Senior Center and the Montville Senior Club are now one entity. In the past, the Club dues were $10.00 yearly and there was no charge for Center dues. To make things much less complicated and more efficient, there is only one membership—the Montville SENIOR CENTER MEMBERSHIP. The annual membership dues are $25.00. (I am certainly able to work with any senior that cannot afford the membership dues, please come see me—we can
    absolutely work this out) Though most folks have not had any issues, few have made indirect comments so I wanted to remind everyone the Montville is one of the only centers in our area and very few throughout our state that does not charge for most of our classes and programs. I spend a great deal of time writing grants and my dedicated staff and volunteers work very hard on all of our fundraisers so that we can offer these programs for free. The dinners that we have and our lunch program are fundraisers so that all of our seniors can participate in the programs without concern of being able to afford them.

    For a quick breakdown:
    $25.00 year = $2.08 a month = $0.48 a week = $0.06 a day


    Instructors for one month range between = $200—$1,000 (per classes or programs) we presently offer over 30 programs (and can participate in all or some or none) seniors can also come down for coffee & pastry every morning (no additional charge), lunch daily ($1.00 donation request to help us off set items needed), socialization, health programs, computer use, library & more.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I am more than happy to address!

    Senior Center Email List

    We are working on our senior center email list. Please keep them coming. For those who have sent in our email address, you will be receiving an email by the end of the YEAR and then on a regular basis. You can continue to send them to my email— or Caitlin’s email listed below. Please email Caitlin, our Virtual Program Leader, your email address to get on our list of virtual programs, vents, newsletter & more! Email Caitlin at:

    Montville Senior Club News

    2023 annual dues are being collected now. Dues are $25.00. Reminder:
    there are no charges for programs and services throughout the year; classes and programs are free. Dinner are fundraisers to help us pay instructors. The Club and Center will be combining to make it easier for everyone. There will be one membership payment at the beginning of the year which will cover everyone’s membership (Club and Center) everything will remain free to members.


    Free Regional Transportation Program Montville & Norwich Seniors
    If you are in need of medical transportation, call the new MedRIDE II program. WE can help. The
    town of Montville and City of Norwich have joined together and received a grant to help transport
    seniors to medically necessary appointments. Do you need to go to Yale, New Haven, Hartford
    Hospital or Farmington to a specialist? Let us take you! Call 8608895960 for your appointment.