April is Stress Awareness Month

    April is Stress Awareness Month: Ten Coping Strategies

     1. Take a time out                                          2. Avoid alcohol

    3. Get enough sleep                                       4. Exercise daily

    5. Count to 10 slowly                                     6. Take deep breaths

    7. Keep a journal                                            8. Do your best

    9. Eat well-balanced meals                        10. Avoid recreational drugs

    Schedules Plus

    How to Sign Up for programs online through Schedules Plus

    Starting in April, you will be able to sign up for programs and special events online!

    Using Schedules Plus, you will be able to see the classes, games and events happening at our senior center, and be able to reserve your spot without having to pick up a phone! Here’s how to do it:
    1) Go to the Lymes’ page on Schedules Plus– Type into your web browser
    2) Sign into Schedules Plus– Click the green login button to sign in. Use the phone number provided when you became a member
    3) Browse through the offered classes and programs– Clicking on a program category will show a drop down list will the available dates and times for you to choose from
    4) Choose your classes and events– click “add to cart” for any and every program and date you would like to attend
    5) Complete your registration– Click the yellow check-out button in your cart. Review the classes and events you have selected. Click “Save and proceed to final review” button.

    Click the yellow “complete my order” button to finalize your registration!
    It’s as easy as that! This is a streamlined way to sign up for any program, class or event you are interested in. This allows you to browse through the offered programs and sign up for multiple events at once. For more detailed instructions, check out the senior center page of the Town of Old Lyme website
    You are more than welcome to continue calling (860)434-4127 to sign-up for classes and events!