Week of Giving

    Dec. 6-10th
    The Lymes’ Senior center is again collecting unwrapped toys for the Toys for Tots Program. Due to Covid.  Toys for Tots did not collect toys last year. This made their organization extremely low on gifts for our local boys and girls in need. On December 14th, representatives from Toys for Tots will be here to pick up whatever we have collected. We hope to inspire our members to donate an unwrapped toy
    during our week of giving (December 6- 10) between the hours of 9am-3pm. Thank you for all of you that have already dropped off a gift and thank you to all those that are planning to!

    Outside Books and Puzzles Lending Library

    We continue to offer jigsaw puzzles and books including large print books for you to borrow in front of our building 24/7 .  Feel free to stop by anytime and help yourself. The board of directors purchased a plastic shed to hold them in which we have set to the right of the front doors. When you finish with them please kindly put them in the return plastic storage container located to the right side of the plastic book/ puzzle plastic shed. If you are homebound and would like a puzzles or books please call us and we can provide home delivery. *In addition, could you please sign them out on the clipboard hanging in shed so we can track the usage of this wonderful resource? Thank you!!

    Grab and Go Lunches

    Available through the Estuary Council. Five delicious and nutritious frozen meals per person are available for contact-less pick up every Friday morning at the Lymes’ Senior Center, 26 Town Woods
    Rd, Old Lyme, CT, from 10:45 to 11:15 am. The meals will be placed in your truck or back seat. You can place a check there as well for payment. All appropriate Covid19 precautions are taken while handling the meals. Suggested donation is $15.00 for 5 meals, however if you cannot afford it, you are not required to pay. To get more information or to order the meals, call 860-388-1611. Meals MUST be ordered by the Thursday before 11am.

    **Please note due to the senior center being closed on Friday 24th & 31st, GRAB AND GO

    Medicare Updates, Changes, and Benefits for 2022

    November 16th at 1:00pm we will be offering an in person
    educational event to review Medicare and how it can impact
    you and if you’re getting all the benefits you qualify for. We’ll be
    discussing the difference between Original Medicare, Medicare
    Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Prescription drug plans.
    The state assistance qualifications for the Medicare Saving Program will be covered and who fits into which tier. We’ll also review how the Part D coverage gap or doughnut hole works and
    how the Insulin Saving program can impact your annual drug
    cost. This event is being facilitated by Senior Health and Retirement Service. Call (860)434-4127 to register.

    We believe in what we do – Content by Judy

    We believe in what we do. We all have thought something like this in the past. We have all been very convinced on one issue or another. We then surround ourselves with likeminded people.

    Together our voice grows stronger. Ideas flourish. Paths and networks expand. We can do all of this in a very serious way, over very serious issues but we can also do this with laughter and create a better world in a good way.

    Laughing is a very healthy thing to do. Laughter is actually a physical reaction consisting usually of rhythmical, often contractions of the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system. It is a response to certain external or internal stimuli according to Wikipedia.

    Did you know there is even a National Let’s Laugh Day? It’s March 19th and we can laugh about the fact that I missed it by a few months!

    Life can be hard. Things happen to us and around us that we don’t understand. We can hit low spots. But we need to move forward. We need to look for what makes us smile. It could be a puppy, a baby, a joke, or a movie. But once we can smile it’s easier to laugh. So go watch a funny movie!

    When you laugh it lowers your stress hormone. You can burn up to 40 calories with a good 15-minute belly laugh. Your abs get a workout.  Laughing can be better for you than a cup of coffee. One minute of laughter boosts your immune system for 24 hours. 15 minutes of laughing equals the benefits of 2 hours of sleep. So, here’s a question – if I’m awake during the night for a few hours I only need to laugh about it and I’m good???

    The average man smiles an average of 8 times a day. The average woman smiles 62 times a day. Babies smile an average of 200 times a day. So, now lets all be babies!!! At least for part of the day.

    I once attend a laughter yoga class and they tell you “Fake it till you make it!” If you force yourself to laugh and to keep laughing before you know it the laugh becomes real, and it feels good. Try it and you’ll have a better day!!

    Why do giraffes have long necks?

    Because they have smelly feet.

    What goes tick-tock and woof-woof?

    A watchdog

    What are the two things you can’t have for breakfast?

    Lunch and dinner

    Why is a bad joke like a pencil?

    Because it has no point

    Why isn’t there a clock in the library?

    Because it tocks too much

    Did I make you giggle, chuckle, belly laugh????

    I hope so. Have a better day!