Yearly Membership runs from July 1st – June 30th

    You need to be a registered Member of the Senior Center to take part in any activities, classes, or utilizing any rooms in the Senior Center.  This includes using our Hairdresser, Massage Therapy and transportation services.  If you have any questions, please call us (860) 889-5960.

    This year, we are asking all Members to fill out a Membership Form to update their Membership information regardless of whether your Membership will be carried over from 2020.

    In-Town Membership (Norwich Residents) is a suggested $25.00 per year

    Out-of-Town Membership is $40.00 per year

    Please stop by Reception to update your Membership or call for an application to be mailed to you.


    Additional Membership Information

    If you renewed your Membership in 2020 and did not use any of our services (such as transportation) in 2020 during our closure, your 2020 Membership will be transferred to cover your 2021 Membership.

    If you renewed your Membership in 2020 and used any of our services in 2020, your Membership will not be transferred to 2021 and you will need to renew your Membership to remain a Member.

    In addition, we are asking all Members to fill out a Membership Form to update their Membership information regardless of whether your Membership is transferred to 2021 or not.



    Starting July 6th, we will be fully open and will resume almost all our programming (see page 5 for changes).  It has been a long almost 16 months since we can say we are completely open.

    The majority of restrictions have been dropped with the exception of unvaccinated individuals or those not fully vaccinated need to continue to wear a mask, at all times, while in the Senior Center.

    In addition, ALL individuals, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask if you are using our transportation services or in our Health Clinic receiving services from Dr. Walter, Nurse Rebecca or Nurse Leonna per the Department of Public Health and the Governor’s office.

    When you return, you will first notice the nice new smiling face at the Reception Desk.  Melissa joined our team in September and is doing a fantastic job with all that we are throwing at her.  Please stop by to meet her when you are here and remember, most of this is still new to her.

    Hilary has been busy shuffling schedules around as the situation has been very fluid.  She continues to do a great job on the newsletter and will look forward to planning some trips (hopefully in the fall).  Please bear with her as she fills the schedule with enjoyable activities.

    Our drivers have done such great work throughout the pandemic, providing safe transportation, bring our seniors shopping, shopping for our seniors, delivering weekly meals and all sorts of other errands to keep our seniors safe and healthy.  We have two new per diem drivers that we added as well; Joanne Trainor and Olivia Davis joined us this spring.

    Carolyn continues to put her valuable skills to work assisting many of our seniors with all sorts of services and solutions to issues they face on a daily basis.

    Natalie Lindberg, Benefits Counselor, retired in the Spring and will be missed tremendously

    As we look forward to this Summer, we will work hard to provide a safe and enjoyable time for all of you while at the Senior Center.  By all means, if you have suggestions for us, please share.

    We look forward to seeing you this summer and getting over this hump.  Again, we will strive to keep you all safe and healthy.  ~ Respectfully, Mike


    Preventative Health Clinic with Nurse Rebecca- Select Wednesdays

    Appointments available on Wednesdays.

    Toenail cutting and ear flushing appointments for Senior Center members are available in our Health Clinic with Nurse Rebecca Braddock.  Rebecca can provide foot care to seniors who are not on blood thinning medications or who are not a diabetic.

    Please call Mike to schedule your appointment. (860) 889-5960

    Toenail Cutting – is offered for $15.00 per visit.
    Ear Flushing – is available for $3.00 for one ear, or $5.00 for both ears