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    Be Ready for the Recovery – Content by Judy

    Marketing trends have been heading in new directions for a while but the COVID19 is really pushing that envelope into horizons we cannot even imagine. We currently are living, working, and shopping in ways we never dreamed of. And these new ways too will change quickly as we readjust to a whole new “normal” as we come out of this lockdown.

    We will mourn the loss of many things, as we start consuming services and goods in different ways. We will be discovering what companies and businesses have survived. What new businesses have emerged.

    Stopping for a coffee can be a good example. How many of us stopped daily for that great cup of Joe? Couldn’t live without it…. Until….. Our lives changed. The habit got broken because we were no longer leaving the house every day. The question becomes how many cups of coffee will that business sell as we all come out of this pandemic? Will the local shops even reopen?


    Companies must adjust quickly if they plan to survive and be profitable over the next 5 years. Marketing trends have been heading in new directions for a while but the COVID19 is really pushing that envelope into horizons we cannot even imagine.

    Trends show we will continue to hold virtual meetings which will become a more efficient use of time. We will socialize in every different ways. We have found we do not like social distancing so much. Clubs will pop up and memberships will increase. Facebook groups will evolve and start gathering in person. Established groups such as VFWs, The Elks, The Moose will attract new members. Senior Centers, the Y, Park n Rec and similar organizations will experience a surge in activity as people discover their new routines.

    The public will spend months perhaps years looking for and discovering their new day to day habits. And when creating this new life, they will select the parts they liked and discard what they will not do again, and businesses need to be where the consumer can find them such as This collective site is trusted and contains trusted information. This cutting-edge resource is that place where users find what they are looking for, mark their calendars with activities and though clickable ads find services and products they are looking for. Plus, then can relay all this information to their family and friends.

    Businesses need to:

    • Be that trusted advisor/service/site/provider
    • Strengthen existing customer relationships
    • Identify real opportunities and shift accordingly
    • pinpoint key priorities
    • determine their brand and do extensive brand building so their company is easy to recognize
    • Be ready for the recovery

    And all businesses need to be very aware of the senior population. As a group they will be for the most part the least affected by all of this. For the most part their income will continue to be very stable. And they still will be purchasing and consuming at the rate they were.

    Resources like will grow in popularity as the senior population, their friends and families are looking to establish and get back their “new” ordinary lives.


    The State of Connecticut offers a state run Elderly Tax Benefit known as the Circuit Breaker. It is for eligible real estate taxpayers within the Town of East Lyme. To apply, you must have reached the age of 65 prior to     December 31, 2020 or be totally disabled if under the age of 65. You are applying for a credit on the taxes due on your primary residence in East Lyme. Under the law, Social Security income MUST be declared and the program requires you to provide information regarding all GROSS income received during 2020.

    The new income limit, including GROSS income and Social Security:

    $45,800 for married couples and

    $37,600 for single persons.

                            LOCAL TAX CREDIT OPTION:

    Also, the Town of East Lyme provides on Additional Tax Relief for elderly and totally disabled homeowners. The new income limit, including GROSS income and Social Security is

    $45,800 regardless of marital status.

    For further information, contact the Assessor’s Office at the Town Hall.


    Filing dates for the above programs are February 1, through May 15, 2021.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Assessor’s Office does not yet know how they will be processing the applications.

    Please call their office before you go to the Town Hall.


    There is also a Veteran’s Exemption that is available. For more information, contact the Assessor’s Office.



    “Like Us” on Facebook. Because of COVID-19, there is very limited foot traffic within the Community Center. Therefore, communication via Facebook has become a valuable tool for the Senior Center. Check it out – we are posting daily.

    The Senior Center has 2 websites: you can go to  Hover over the “Community” Button and then Click on “Senior Center”.  The Senior Center is also part of a regional website. Check it out:  – look for East Lyme.

    If you would like the newsletter emailed to you monthly, give us a call and we can add you to our monthly email distribution list.

    We also have added the ability to register for classes on-line. Go to You will be able to register for programs via this link. Right now, we are NOT accepting credit card payments but that will be re-instated in the near future.


    Fri, February 12th at 2pm- CHINESE NEW YEAR PARTY

    Let’s celebrate the Year of the Bull with a Grab & Go  consisting of:

    • ¨ Craft project
    • ¨ Fortune Cookie
    • ¨ History of Chinese New Year

    Register with the Senior Center by February 9th.



    If you are 75 or older, you are currently eligible to receive the vaccine. It will take time for all 75+ folks  to receive their vaccine. If you have already heard from your medical provider, you do not need to do anything else.

    The easiest way to schedule a COVID vaccine appointment is to go onto Ledge Light Health District’s webpage at At the very top of the page you will see where you need to click. Once there, follow the prompts. In order to obtain an appointment on-line each person must have an email address. There are other ways to register on-line. You can visit for further details. If you do not have access to a computer or are uncomfortable registering in this manner, you can call the

    CT COVID Vaccine Appointment Assist Line at 877-918-2224.