Get a Job – Content by Judy

    Now’s the time! Companies are hiring! Big and small. Full time and part time.

    Just figure out what are you looking for? Do you want to do the same type of work you did before? Do you want to do something totally different? Do you want something to keep you busy and get you out of the house? Maybe find a job that goes along with your hobby?

    Do you want to work just part of the year? If so, retail hiring for the holidays, garden centers, landscape companies.

    Check out schools. They are hiring nurses’ aides, substitute teachers, Paraprofessionals, bus monitors, and office staff.

    Do you like wine and know a lot about it? Check out the area wineries and see if they have seasonal openings.

    What about the golf course? Work part-time and maybe play for free. The same with a gym, maybe.

    What population would you like to work with? Kids? Maybe a day care or a school? Be a nanny.

    With food? How about a restaurant or a bakery??

    Maybe you want to work in a big box store and take advantage of the discount they give to workers?

    Do you want to meet a lot of people? So, maybe a receptionist? Telemarketer??  How about a service desk clerk? Customer returns?

    What do you want from a job? Extra money? Structure? Identity? Being able to travel?

    Could the job, you are looking for be at a bank, perhaps an online job? Maybe sales where you earn commission based on the sales you make – if that is the case the sky could be the limit for your income.

    Home Care agencies are always looking to hire. So are Nursing Homes and Rehabs. Those jobs could be in the kitchen or laundry at the Nursing Home, a companion, a Certified Nurse’s Aide, taking people to appointments, maybe light housework.

    To find these jobs. Tell others you are looking. Look on Facebook. Lots of times companies post jobs there. Ask at the places you go to each week. Volunteer then get hired.

    And what about tutoring? Were you a teacher? Are you really good at math? Are you already helping some kids with remote learning?

    Right now, with what is going on with COVID, some families are looking for more one-on-one situations. You could teach using ZOOM. You could help kids figure out and organize the assignments that the schools are giving them. It can be every hard for families where both parents are working to then come home and find the time to assist their students every day. And you could be the person they need.

    Also, some families are grouping up and hiring someone to teach all the kids. This would be great if you are a retired teacher!!l

    You can easily put yourself out there on Facebook or LinkedIn with what you have to offer and then anyone interested can private massager you. Depending on what you want to do, you do not ever have to actually meet person to person. You do not even need to live in the same area. You could be in Milwaukee and the student could be in Denver.

    The time to apply is now!! Research. Develop a resume and cover letter. Even if you do not need those, they will help you rediscover your skills and talents. Have a list of questions to ask the interviewer.  And if you get rejected, do not put yourself down. It is not personal.

    Just move on to the next opportunity and “Get a Job”

    Holocaust survivor, Andy Sarkany: My Story

    Holocaust survivor, Andy Sarkany, will be sharing his story on a virtual platform on Tuesday, September 22nd at 7:00pm. Born in Budapest, Hungary on October 31, 1936. Mr. Sarkany lived inside the Budapest ghetto which is where he remained during the Holocaust. Over the past 10 years Mr. Sarkany has been speaking to audiences about his personal experiences during the holocaust, living under the brutality of the Soviet Union regime in Hungary, and finding a home in the United States. This program is free and Sponsored by The Friends of the Lyme Public Library. PTo register and get the zoom code please email the senior center at

    Current Events Lectures.: Jared Day, PhD

    Starting in September we will be welcoming back Jared Day, PhD here to resume our American History and Current Events Lectures. The American History lectures will be held virtually at 2pm the first Friday of each month. Likewise, the Current Events lectures will be held virtually at 2:00pm the third Friday of each month. Please call to register for either or both sessions and get the sign-in code for them. September’s & October’s lecture topics along with a description are listed below. November & December topics will be announced in an upcoming newsletter.

    Andrew Jackson – Hero of Democracy?

    Part 1- September 4th at 2pm, Part 2- October 2nd at 2pm:

    This set of lectures will examine one of the most transformative and controversial presidents in US history, Andrew Jackson, a politician and leader who became a political and social icon for a generation of Americans in the first half of the nineteenth century. We will explore Jackson’s early life and military career along with the political rise of the “near west” as a distinct region and a force in American society. With seminal crises involving the Second National Bank, Nullification, the Cherokees’ “Trail of Tears,” and many other events, Jackson’s presidential tenure represented a clear demarcation away from the patrician politics of the era of the founding fathers and towards a democracy that was, by turns, more inclusive, more populist, and more volatile.

    Educational Policy – September 18th at 2pm

    This lecture examines the current landscape of education policy and reform in America with special emphasis on the issues getting the most attention from reformers such as the role of charter schools, school vouchers, property-tax-based funding. We will also be looking at how the US compares to other countries and what is working elsewhere in the developed world.

    India: An Asian Superpower? – October 16th at 2pm

    This lecture will examine the exceptional economic development of the world’s largest democracy, India. It will explore the key strengths and weaknesses of its economic development strategies as well as the historical, cultural and geographical limitations the country has had to endure.

    CONTENT BY JUDY – Perennials, Active Agers, Baby boomers – CONTENT BY JUDY

    Just what are we? And are you paying attention to us??

    A search for a term that doesn’t offend is taking place. Trying to avoid terms like senior citizen, retiree, elder and the elderly. The question becomes what do we call everyone 55+?

    Terms are materializing that are perhaps more appropriate and appealing.

    The term, Baby Boomer was created and has been used since all those World War II babies were being born. This group has changed and revolutionized the United States as the have passed though each phase of aging. And they will and are changing and redefining the term senior each day. Just look around – they are not stationary, boring or old.

    The title, Perennial has been around for several years now and refers to blooming again and again. And yes, we do that again and again during our lives. We become young adults striking out on our own. We become homeowners, parents. So forth and so on as we parade along the paths of our lives. Ever changing and blossoming into the “new” me.

    Active Ager is a newer term and defines seniors as young at heart, tech-loving, gym-using, trend setting, fun-seeking marketer’s dream. This term might be the best fitting so far as each generation is truly younger than the generation before them.

    Whatever term you use 55+ adults are strong, happy, healthy. They are using and buying what they choose. They want the same products all ages want and use. They are not to be overlooked as they are living longer, working longer, staying healthier and maintaining their independent as well.

    Call them what you will but remember they spend over $3 trillion on products and services each year.