Tea with Susan B. Anthony

    Tuesday, March 10th at 1:00pm for  Tea with Susan B Anthony presented by Sheryl Faye. Sign up required.

    Airborne Band

    Wednesday, March 4th at 1:00pm for Airborne Band. They are the proclaimed “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz sends out an Inspirational Message of Hope to the World. Airborne has a beautiful trademark jazz sound of Island Passion and Urban Emotion. The band’s hot rhythms and inspiring melodies smoothly cruise on a cool atmosphere of music and voices.

    New Still Life and Watercolor Class

    Starting at 10:00 am on Tuesday March 3rd, we will be having a weekly
    drop in class. The class will be taught by Carolyn Youngblood Laban.
    Carolyn Youngblood Laban – Illustrated for international magazines during
    the 1980’s and 90’s; artist for small theaters, such as The Odd Fellows of
    Middletown and First Congregational Church of Portland, CT in the 1990’s.
    Commissioned artist for gift department in Shaprio’s, Middletown, CT;
    demo artist for art supply store in Glastonbury; Commissioned artist for
    individuals; Instructor for residence at Assisted Living complex in Rocky Hill,
    CT; Commissioned for composition of grave head stone; Award winning of
    first and second place in juried shows; Carolyn Youngblood Laban has had
    One person showings in Public arenas such as Portland, CT Library, Liberty
    Bank in Durham, CT. Latest showing at Café Roo in Niantic, CT. This will be
    a drop in class, meeting each Tuesday in March. The cost of the class will be
    $7.00 per class.

    Baby Boomers and the Change They Continue to Create. – Content by Judy

    For those who aren’t certain – Baby Boomers are the children who were born after World War II. As the soldiers returned and married there was a population explosion creating a baby boom thus the name Baby Boomers! These babies were born between 1946 and 1964. They now are between the ages of 55 and 75. And there are more than 76 million Baby Boomers!

    As this bunch moved through the different stages of live, society needed to adapt to accommodate the vast number. Schools were built. TV programming was geared towards them. Advertising was directed towards them. They protested the Vietnam war. Held sit-ins. Woodstock, The Beatles and TVs in every home happened because of the Boomers. And now society needs to continue to adapt as this massive group moves through the third stage of life.

    This group is competitive, self-assured, goal oriented and has a strong sense of community. They are independent and make up their own mind. They are smart, confident and do their own research. Plus, they don’t part with their money easily.

    As they become retirees’ changes will continue to develop and evolve. Boomers will need everything retirees have always consumed but in a much greater number and in a much different way. One example is the Boomers are generally staying in their homes. Not going to Florida. Not relocating. But “Aging in Place”.

    Baby Boomers will live better than the generations before them as they live and work longer. Baby Boomers, also, had smaller families and are apt to be alone when their care needs change.

    Society will need to again adapt and change to fill the void all of this will create. They will have more needs than the present aging system can supply. The current workforce will not be able to support this group’s future needs.

    We already see some of these changes starting with the resourceful development of new ways to do things.

    Uber and Lyft offer the beginnings of affordable on demand transportation.

    Technology offers assistance to varying degrees. Alexa, Fitbit, telemedicine and fall monitors all offer various levels of help. We even have a TV we can talk to. And new devises are being developed and promoted as we speak. Updates continue to be made on existing devices and apps weekly.

    The more we are able to talk with devices the more support we can get at a very low cost. They are not the robots we pictured as we watched “The Jetson’s”. But we can vacuum with iRobot. See who is at the front door with Ring. Call for help with our Medical Alert. Change the channel of the TV. Play music, make phone calls, monitor the thermostat and more with Alexa. Even start our car with our Smartphone.

    What will we be doing with devises in say 5 years?

    As Baby Boomers strive to live the lives they imagined and maintain their independence, they will be looking for those companies and products that market to them. They want companies that provide useful information. Have clickable ads. Give better than average customer service. Companies that understand $3+ trillion of the disposable income is in the hands of Baby Boomers will win those Boomers over with targeted marketing campaigns. One excellent example is A Collective website that’s easy to navigate and filled with useful information designed for the Baby Boomer.

    There is much more on the horizon so as we look at change but sure to welcome it!