Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Wise! Content by Judy

    So here we sit with Coronavirus snuggled up right next to us on the coach. And yeah, I’m not liking it very much.   You? How about we ask those germs to please leave? Tell them they have overstayed their welcome? Just flat out tell them to get out!! I don’t think any of us could have ever imagined or thought up a worldwide situation like this!! But it is what it is and we need to all – Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Wise!

    When we think of safe, we often think of being secure, protected, free from danger. In this situation being safe is… Stay home. Keep 6 feet of space between you and others.


    We have started using “My Tribe” “My Circle” “My Posse” as a way to refer to those closest to us. So be sure they are safe too. Contact those loved ones, friends and neighbors. Work together to make things as good as you all can. Take care of each other and stay safe.

    Now let’s Be Smart – Use your time wisely. Create new routines because being together for way more hours than usual can create difficult situations. Find new ways to stay calm. Maybe find a yoga video. Learn to meditate. And you can probably find what you are looking for online. YouTube is amazing. Take a look – There is like nothing that is not there. Learn something new, maybe a craft skill, a new language. Watch silly movies. Make your own videos. Share them with those you are missing. Share online. Make others laugh. Make a list. And do the things at home you never seem to have time for. Enjoy the great weather and start spring cleanup. Get the garden ready. Clean closets, cabinets, paint that room, reorganize, fill out your census form. Be smart and “Don’t hoard” For everything you have too much of – someone else needs it. Just what are some of you going to do with 100 rolls of toilet paper??? Buy what you need and leave the rest for the next guy.


    Be Wise – take care of you!! If you don’t – you can’t take care of those around you. Be nice to you and nice to those around you. Develop a new schedule. Structure helps. Be thankful for those still out there taking care of us. The xray tech, the nurse, the doctor, the CNAs, police, EMTs, firefighters, TRUCK DRIVERS, everyone that is still working. AND Stay positive!! Don’t hoard!! Use your time wisely!! Plan parties and events for when this is all over!! Look at this as more of a gift than a punishment


    Pharmacy Information:

    • Groton CVS 860-446-0912 Pharmacy – Open 24 hours. Drive through. Delivery through mail.
    • Groton Big Y Pharmacy  860-445-7719 Open 9:00AM-7:00PM Monday – Friday. Delivery is an option if you live in a  7 mile radius from the store, must pay by debit or credit and must have your order in to the store no later than 11:00AM. Senior  ONLY Hours 7:00AM-8:00AM.
    • Groton Walgreens  860-405-1919- Open 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Tuesdays seniors only from 8:00AM-9:00AM /plus they receive a senior discount during this time. You can order your medications through their website and Fed Ex will deliver it.
    • Groton Walmart Pharmacy 860-449-6902. Pharmacy hours 9:00AM-7:00PM . Tuesdays Senior ONLY from 6:00AM-9:00AM .


    Coronavirus Scams- Be Alert!

    Be alert!! FTC and SEC tips to avoid coronavirus scams

    -Be wary of anyone asking for money for corona virus victims, or for disease research, especially if they want prepaid credit cards or gift cards.

    -Ignore phone calls or emails from strangers urging you to invest in a hot new coronavirus stock.

    -Don’t click on links or download files from unexpected emails, even if the email address looks like a company or person you recognize. Ditto for unfamiliar websites.

    -Avoid online offers for coronavirus-related vaccines or cures; they aren’t legitimate.


    Wondering how Medicare retirement works? There are 4 parts to Medicare: Part A (Hospital), Part B (Medical), Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan, sold by a private company) Part D (Prescription Drug).
    Your initial enrollment period for Medicare (all parts) begins three months before the month you turn 65 and lasts until the end of the third month after your birthday month – a total of seven months. If you don’t sign up during the initial window, you can sign up between Jan. 1 and March 31 each year for coverage that begins July 1. Failure to sign up during the initial enrollment period, however, could result in permanently higher premiums – unless you qualify for a special enrollment period.
    For more information contact Senior Resources on Aging CHOICES program at 860-887-3561.