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    Museums to go – Content by Judy

    As we continue down this untraveled road, we keep looking for new things to do. We often wonder what is open. What is closed? Have the hours changed? Have they gone virtual? Are they using Zoom or something like that?

    So, let’s see if we can figure some of that out… Let’s take a look at what’s going on with Museums….

    And once you start looking, I think you will find amazing opportunities!! You will be able to visit places you have only read about or learned about in school. And the visit is very real and much better than just looking at pictures!!

    One site I found – – has 75 best museum tours around the world that include art, history, science, and technology. From this site I visited…

    The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. In the main museum complex, you are able to visit all 3 stories and see 1,000’s of pieces of art plus the entire building which of course is a work of art in itself. And do not forget to look at the ceilings!! To a degree you can move around almost as if you were there. The added bonus of these virtual tours is no one is in your way!!

    Katie Bourque posted an article in March with a massive list of 30 amazing virtual tours of museums, zoos, and theme parks. I visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force. This tour is so clear that you can read the plaques for each display. You touch on blue arrows to move and then can zoom in for unbelievable details.

    How about going to a children’s museum?? The Minnesota Children’s Museum even has activity ideas and hands on activities you can do at home. You will have some new things to do with the kids.

    So, when you are sitting home you can travel the world and see amazing works! You can even revisit a museum you have been to years ago. See what is different and what is the same!

    And do not overlook visiting a zoo or a theme park. At many zoos you can watch livestream cameras of pandas, penguins, elephants, koalas or go on a home safari daily at the Cincinnati Zoo.


    All of this is a great escape!! Invite others to go with you. You can all visit the same day and conference call as you tour or even afterwards over a glass of wine. Perhaps on another day invite your grandchildren to come along as you go to the zoo.


    Hey, visit several art museums. Browse around. Find what you like and be inspired… Order some watercolors or acrylics and paint your own picture. You might discover you have talent or even if you do not have talent it might still be a whole lot of fun and when things are better you can take some lessons. Almost all Senior Centers have art classes. From drawing to painting to collage and more.

    So, do something different today!!

    Groton Senior Center COVID-19 Reopening

    Groton Senior Center COVID-19 Reopening

    As we are under directives of the State of CT and Ledge Light Health District, we appreciate your patience while we work through the phases to reopen our center for all of you. At the time of this printing, the State of Connecticut is developing guidelines for the reopening of CT Senior Centers. This newsletter is coming out in Phase 2 of the reopening plan where persons 65 years and older and those with compromised immune systems are still under the STAY HOME – STAY SAFE order. CT Senior Centers will be one of the last areas to open because of the population we serve and because there currently is no treatment or vaccine for the Corona Virus. Currently, it looks like the state will not recommend senior centers open until after September 1.

    Social isolation has a purpose though we know it is hard for you. Please contact the senior center staff so we can help you with ways to socialize online using computers, tablets or your smart phone and to stay busy.


    VIRTUAL July Fourth Group

    Happy Fourth of July! 

    Due to COVID19, Groton Fourth of July parade is virtual this year! That’s a first!

    Groton’s primary goal is to ensure the health and well-being of all parade participants and spectators, while still providing an opportunity for our community to celebrate our greatest national holiday. This year, groups submitted short video clips to be united into the virtual parade that will premier on Groton Municipal Television (GMTV) on Saturday, July 4th at 10 am.

    GMTV can be viewed on Comcast XFINITY Channel 2, Thames Valley Channel 2, and Frontier Vantage TV Channel 6110. Also, GMTV “Live” (at no cost) on the GMTV YouTube channel online.

    The Parade will appear on the Town’s social media accounts, GMTV YouTube (, and on cable-access channel 2 on Saturday, July 4th at 10 am.


    Lamont Hill, our Coastal Café Chef, has worked here at Groton Senior Center since 1996. In 2013 he became our Food Service Supervisor. To say he misses the daily interactions with our patrons during COVID19 is an understatement. He especially appreciates and misses the “straight forwardness of our seniors”. We sat with Lamont between all his meal prepping, cooking and planning to hear more.
    Planning meal options for a household is a task many of us know is difficult. So take a moment to think about planning weeks ahead. It is quite a feat! Now add in a 2020 national pandemic in which ordering food supplies becomes extremely tricky. As Lamont told us, “either the companies were out of stock or utilizing different brands of product we were used to” so it became an even bigger challenge for Lamont, Lynnsie and Steve to make all those delicious meals we are now enjoying as Take Out Meals.

    Since March 17th our Coastal Café staff has been busy “making inexpensive nutritional meals and then adding desserts or breads where we can”. Let’s talk numbers for a minute. In all of 2019, the kitchen did a total of 3,019 takeout meals. Since COVID19, he and his crew have made 3,581 take out meals! This surpasses their total Take Out numbers for 2019 big time!

    Take Out Meals have been greatly received during the “lockdown” of the center during COVID19. Orders are taken 9:00 to 10:30 am (see page 3). Our phones are a ringing like crazy at the front desk and the numbers show it- most days selling out before 10 am. Then the front desk ladies report to the kitchen how many meals are needed for pick up and delivery (within Groton). That leaves the amazing kitchen staff a small window to get an average of 60 meals ready for pick up to begin at 11:30 am. PHEW!

    Lamont told us “a large perk of this has been the growth of the our customer base”. We have had many new faces participate in the Take Out Meals. Groton Senior Center plans to continue the Take Out Meals until further notice. Which means until our beloved patrons are allowed to dine in house again.
    Well Done Lamont, Lynnsie and Steve! And THANK YOU!!