How to advertise with us is the hub where each Senior Center contributes information, spotlighting featured items on the main landing page. It offers dedicated subpages for every town, showcasing their unique programs, news, resources, services, and exciting trips. With seamless navigation, interactive calendars, and a robust search function, users can easily find what they need. Additionally, individual monthly electronic newsletters keep everyone informed.

Moreover, our platform hosts advertisements that redirect interested users to the advertiser’s website, ensuring maximum exposure. isn’t just for seniors; it’s embraced by Active Agers 50+ and a broader community audience. These individuals are youthful, affluent, and tech-savvy, indulging in various interests from fitness to fashion. They represent a lucrative market, spending over $3 trillion annually. Don’t overlook this opportunity to engage with them and showcase your offerings effectively.

This expansive demographic wields substantial purchasing influence and possesses significant spending capacity.

Advertising opportunities span across more than 75 pages, allowing you to select the most suitable location for your company. Each ad seamlessly redirects users to your company’s website, maximizing engagement. You have the flexibility to update your ads up to four times annually.

Clickable banner ads featured on subpages are priced between $35.00 and $100.00 per month, catering to various budgets. For Electronic Newsletter and calendar ads, prices range from $50.00 to $200.00 per month, offering tailored options for different marketing needs.

Additionally, site logo ads prominently appear at the bottom of all 75+ pages, providing extensive visibility for $200.00 per month.

Reach out to us today to discover cost-effective advertising solutions tailored to engage Active Agers and the wider community. Submit your inquiry here and receive a $50.00 discount on ad development.