How to advertise with us collects the information from each Senior Center and displays featured items on the main landing page with subpages for each town and their programs, news, resources, services, trips, transportation plus interactive calendars, a search feature, individual monthly electronic newsletters. Then add in ads that click over to the advertiser’s website and more! is being used by Active Agers 50+ and many more in the general communityThey are young at heart and flush with cash. They are the tech-loving, gym-using, trend-setting, fun-seeking, fashion-shopping, car-buying, food-experimenting, ad-consuming marketer’s dream that your company might be ignoring. These Active Agers spend $3+ trillion a year on products and services and you need to reach out to them.

This is a very large group of spenders with huge purchasing power. 

Advertising is available on over 75 pages. You pick the location that best fits your company.

All ads click over to your company’s website.

Ads can be changed up to four times a year.

Clickable banner ads on the subpages range in price from $35.00 to $100.00 per month.

Electronic Newsletter and calendar ads range in price from $50.00 to $200.00 a month.

Site logo ads appear at the bottom of all 75+ pages for $200.00 a month.

Contact us to find out more about affordable advertising that reaches Active Agers and the greater community. Submit here  and receive $50.00 off ad development.