Programs and Services Update

    Starting July 6th we will hold exercise classes and art workshops inside if participants
    wish. Participants WILL be required to wear their masks for the entirety of their time
    inside INCLUDING during the class. Only registered participants will be allowed in
    the building and space will be limited.

    NEW FUN “TO GO” OR IN PERSON LUNCH- Join us for a Boxed Lunch Day! Wednesday July 28th 12:00-12:30pm

    We will be ordering boxed lunches from Subway to include a 6-inch cold sub, a bag of chips, a
    cookie, and a bottle of water. Sub options are cold cut combo (Bologna, Salami, and turkey),
    Ham, Turkey, Tuna, BMT (Peperoni, Ham & Salami), Ham & Turkey, Spicy (Peperoni and Salami)
    and Veggie Delight. You will also be able to pick out veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, spinach,
    cucumbers, pickles, olives, hot peppers, banana peppers, sweet peppers, red onion, green
    peppers), type of cheese (provolone, American, swiss, pepper jack) and sauces (chipotle,
    honey mustard, ranch, Caesar, buffalo, parmesan, vinaigrette, sweet onion, BBQ, mayo,
    mustard), and bread (Italian, Herb and Cheese, Wheat). All orders and payments will be due
    by July 20th. As a thank you to all our wonderful members from the Board we will be charging
    $5.00 for this meal valued at $8.50. Meals can be ordered to pick up drive thru style OR you
    can reserve a place to eat under our tent. All those wishing to eat under the tent will need to
    let us know at the time they place the order. Tent eating will be limited to 12 Pods and no more
    than 2 people can sit together in a pod. Tables will be socially distanced at 6+ feet apart from
    one another.

    Phased Re-Opening Timeline

    As part of our phased opening, May was a very successful month of offering outdoor programs, services, and
    entertainment. We had 155 people join us in person over the month. It has been great to see people enjoy
    the in-person programs and services again. We also continue to offer virtual programs which had approx. 500
    people participate in the month of May. My hope in enacting the phased re-opening is that it will give people
    much needed opportunities to see and be with each other all while keeping people safe. After conferring
    with other senior centers and their reopening plans and with our own building limitations in mind, we will be
    moving to our next reopening phase after the 4th of July holiday by moving certain programs and services that
    can be socially distanced inside if the classes wish to. Masks and preregistration will continue to be required. This phase will
    take place after the air filters will have been installed in the remaining 4 heat pumps at the end of the current month. At
    that point, the whole building will be covered with air purifiers and Merv filters. One change to the old policy is if you are
    vaccinated, you will no longer be required to wear masks outside although you can if you wish to. We hope to be targeting other,
    non-socially distanced programs to return indoors starting August 9th. Masks and preregistration will be required. This will include
    cards, Wii, movies etc. Bigger entertainment events will still be held outside through the fall. I am told that in person meals will
    return to the center sometime this fall, possibly September and the date of return will be determined by the Estuary Senior
    Center and the State of CT. In the meantime, we are offering a few outdoor lunch opportunities in July and August to get people
    together which will be held outside under the tent.

    Thank you for all your patience while we work to safely get our
    Senior Center back to the lively happening place it was prepandemic!

    COVID 19 Protocols for Participating in Activities at the Lymes’ Senior Center Grounds

    These are based on the current recommendations from the State of Connecticut and Ledge Light Health District for Senior Centers.

    1. Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn. You can remove your mask only if you are at your outside exercise or program spot. Programs or events under the tent will require masks be worn at all times. Anytime you are walking around the grounds, you must have your mask covering your nose and mouth.  Mask breaks can be taken over 20 feet away from tent and 12 feet from the nearest person. If you are unable to wear a mask, please call Stephanie Gould at the Senior Center and we will try and make alternative arrangements for you to participate in programs or services virtually. Masks with ventilators are not acceptable, unless covered with another mask.
    2. Social Distancing Everyone is required to maintain a 6-foot social distance while at the Senior Center (10-12 feet during exercise classes). Spaces will be marked.
    3. Visiting is not allowed. You must have a reservation or appointment for a service, exercise class or to participate in a program and you will be required to leave the premises after your class, program, or service. Members will not be allowed to drop in and visit for extended periods.
    4. Reservations are required for all programs, classes, and services. Due to limited class sizes, you can only sign up for one class per category (i.e., art workshops, low impact classes, etc.). Please remain in your car until your scheduled appointment or class time.
    5. Bathrooms: The Senior Center building will not be open to the public. All participants will have to use a nearby Port A Potty located in the Town Woods parking lot.
    6. Anyone experiencing COVID symptoms should NOT visit the center grounds.
    7. The Director or her designated representative reserves the right to ask anyone who is not adhering to these protocols to leave the premises. These protocols are subject to change based on changing recommendations.

    Please sign and date below to acknowledge you have read and received these guidelines.
    Date _________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Upcoming Virtual Classes & Programs

    To Sign Up email



    VIRTUAL CLASS                                       DATE & TIME                           COST

    Slow and Steady Yoga                            Mondays at 9- 10:15am               Call for information

    Low Impact/High Energy Dance        Tues &  Thurs at 9:00am             $20.00 a month

    Chair Yoga for Pain                                 Wednesdays at 9- 10:15am         Call for information

    Tap Class                                                    Wednesdays at 11:00am             FREE

    Slow and Steady Yoga                             Fridays at  9- 10:15am                Call for information



    Join us for some fun with Sue Beeman, MS, RDN. With a specialty in senior nutrition, she will be leading a
    virtual Cooking Experience on Wednesday, July 21st at 1:00pm. The recipes will be summer inspired and 5
    ingredients or less and sent to you ahead of time. If you wish you can prepare it with her OR just watch the
    demonstration. These recipes are easy, quick, healthy, and fun! Please RSVP before Tuesday, July 13th by calling
    (860) 434-4127 ext. 1.


    FREE (VIRTUAL) American History Lecture Series with Jared Day, PHD

    Andrew Johnson and Impeachment                   Friday, July 2nd at 2:00pm

    Experiments in Freedom: The US and African Americans, 1865-1900                    Friday, August 6th at 2:00pm

    Crazy Horse and Westward Expansion               Friday, Sept. 3rd at 2:00pm


    FREE (VIRTUAL) Biography Lecture Series with Jared Day, PHD

    Genghis Khan                                                                              Friday, July 16th at 2:00pm

    Hernan Cortes                                                                             Friday, August 20th at 2:00pm

    Regency King: King George IV of England                            Friday, Sept. 17th at 2:00pm


    ******65 Additional Free Virtual Programs/ Leatures/ Classes are offered monthly to our members through a Connecticut Senior Center Exchange.  For more information on participating in these programs, please email us at