Finding Joy in everyday life with Lynn –September 28th at 1:00pm

    Through the Pandemic many of us have had to endure sadness, loss, boredom, and anxiety. Join
    Lynn McCarthy as she helps us explore the “not-so-secret” secrets in finding joy in our everyday life.
    This program is free. Call to register.

    Watercolor Classes

    Please welcome Jeanette Green who has extensive teaching experience and has come highly recommended. She has
    taught at the Mystic Art Center, Norwich adult ed, Norwich Free Academy Sat. am children’s classes, Colchester Adult ed,
    Griswold senior center, Gales Ferry Community center, Norwich senior center, the Artware store in Groton, Ledyard senior
    center and Lebanon senior center and has also taught private clients and various small groups. We will be holding 3 initial
    classes of different levels and each class will be open to members. Each class costs $6.00, and you will need your own basic
    supplies. A list of needed supplies can emailed to you upon request. Pre-registration is required, and space is limited so call
    soon! To give everyone a chance to join one of her classes, we will ask you to sign up for just one class. You can be put on a
    waitlist for the additional classes as well. We can call you about a week before the class if there is still space available.
    Creating Space and using Perspective (Intermediate Level)- Monday, September 13 from 1:00-
    There are many methods of creating the illusion of 3-D space on a 2-D surface. We will discuss and
    explore them then students will plan and start a painting that shows deep space. Several photo references may be used in the same painting.
    Limited Palette Painting (Beginner Level)- Monday, September 30 from 1:00- 3:00pm
    Paint a composition by only using 2 – 3 tube paints. By using a very limited selection of colors, the artist is forced to concentrate more on the tonal value (lights/ darks) of the composition. This produces a
    more unified, pleasing painting. I find this a valuable lesson for new painters.
    *****We will be having two watercolor classes in October. October 4th & 25th from 1:00-
    3:00pm. Please call mid September to find out class topics. We will be asking class participants in
    August and September for their ideas and preferences. If you have an idea for a watercolor class
    subject please let us know.


    When a retired high school teacher Eva (Shirley McLaine) loses her husband, she mistakenly receives a
    $5,000,000 check on her deceased husband’s $50,000 life insurance policy. Her friend Maddie (Jessica
    Lange), whose husband has just left her for a younger woman, convinces her to keep the money and they
    both depart to live it up at a resort on Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands.

    Wednesday, August 18th between 12:00-12:30pm: Join us for a Boxed Lunch Day!

    Join us for a Boxed Lunch Day! Wednesday August 18th between 12:00-12:30pm. The LOL Lions Club will be offering a cookout menu. Meals can be ordered to pick up drive thru style OR you can reserve a place to eat under our tent. All those wishing to eat under the tent will need to let us know at the time they place the order. Prices will be available when you call. Meal will include hot dogs, hamburger, or cheeseburger with condiments, chips and a soda or bottled water. As a thank you to all our wonderful members from the Board we will be charging $5.00 for this meal valued at $8.00.