Fitness Programs

The Fitness Programs at the Groton Senior Center promote and maintain the physical abilities of participants and also group classes offer a chance to socialize with other class members and provide mental stimulation through music and physical motion.  Class sizes range from small Qi Gong classes to large Cardio Sculpt classes.

Music Programs

The music programs at the center provide an opportunity for seniors to develop their skills in music whether it is learning to read music, sing in harmony or learning to play piano.  The choruses also take a leadership role in the community by going out to entertain at adult day centers, nursing facilities and schools.


Programs in this category provide seniors with time to learn new skills in the areas of the arts, technology, health and more.  Through education the seniors develop and help maintain their mental abilities as well as support their self-esteem and creative needs.  Class sizes are small to medium.


A variety of choices for group play and individual play.  Promotes mental stimulation and provides for socialization.  Research has shown that Bingo and other games are good for the brain.  They stimulate memory, attention skills and have great social interaction which works on many parts of the brain.  Our games programs include a variety of levels from basic to more challenging options.

Social Scene

These are events often attached to meals that are offered to provide socialization and entertainment for seniors.  Most events have a meal or food attached to them. These include the afternoon teas, monthly birthday/anniversary parties, special breakfasts, club gatherings, dinner and movie nights, annual Gnog Show (formerly Gong Show), annual Great American Picnic, Luau, Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday dinner and Rotary dinners.  A regional dinner dance is held annually also to allow for socializing with friends from the other towns in the county.

Community Service Programs

These programs offer the seniors an opportunity to take a leadership role in community involvement either through sponsoring a community event or by participating in the community event.

Health Services

These services are provided to help seniors age at home and stay as well as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the programs.

Nutrition Services 

In addition to health services, the nutrition programs offer the opportunity for improved nutrition for participants and also in some cases a way to socialize with other seniors in small to large groups.

Human Service programs

These programs also support seniors aging in place.  They promote individual self-efficacy in making better choices and decisions about their individual needs.

Transportation Services

These programs support aging in place and allow seniors to stay active in their community and at the center.


    In tough times, communities find strength in people—and people find strength in
    their communities. In the past year, we’ve seen this time and again in Groton as
    friends, neighbors, and businesses have found new ways to support each other.
    In our community, older adults are a key source of this strength. Through their
    experiences, successes, and difficulties, they have built resilience that helps them to
    face new challenges. When communities tap into this, they become stronger too.
    Each May, the Administration for Community Living leads the celebration of
    Older Americans Month (OAM). This year’s theme is Communities of Strength,
    recognizing the important role older adults play in fostering the connection and
    engagement that build strong, resilient communities.
    Strength is built and shown not only by bold acts, but also small ones of day-to-day life – a conversation shared
    with a friend, working in the garden, trying a new recipe, or taking time for a cup of tea on a busy day. And when
    we share these activities with others—even virtually or by telling about the experience later—we help them build
    resilience too.
    This year, our Groton Senior Center celebrates Older Americans Month by encouraging community members to
    share their experiences. Together, we can find strength—and create a stronger future.
    Here are some ways to share and connect:
     Look for joy in the everyday: Celebrate small moments and ordinary pleasures by taking time to recognize them. Start a
    gratitude journal and share it with others via social media, or call a friend or family member to share a happy moment
    or to say thank you.
     Reach out to neighbors: Even if you can’t get together in person right now, you can still connect with your neighbors.
    Leave a small gift on their doorstep, offer to help with outdoor chores, or deliver a home cooked meal.
     Build new skills: Learning something new allows us to practice overcoming challenges. Take an art course online or try
    a socially distanced outdoor movement class to enjoy learning with others in your community. Have a skill to share?
    Find an opportunity to teach someone, even casually.
     Share your story: There’s a reason storytelling is a time-honored activity. Hearing how others experience the world
    helps us grow. Interviewing family, friends, and neighbors can open up new conversations and strengthen our
    When people of different ages, backgrounds, abilities, and talents share experiences—through action, story, or
    service—we help build strong communities. And that’s something to celebrate! Please join the Groton Senior
    Center in strengthening our community.

    Wednesday, May 12th from 10am to 1pm- Active Living Expo

    Join us for our annual Active Living Expo Wednesday,  May 12th  10 am to 1 pm.  This event is open to all-  great for yourself, caretakers and family members to check out!

    As always we will have agencies and vendors covering varying topics for you such as Health,  Insurance, Homecare,  State programs, Nutrition, Legal issues, Volunteer opportunities, Technical Support, Outreach, Trips/Travel and much more!

    This year it will look a little different as we are following COVID guidelines. The event is scheduled to take place outside, in the rink next to the center. This will allow for proper social distancing. We ask that all attendees wear a mask. This is open to the public and FREE.


    A group with a shared interest of being outdoors and adventure who happen to be 55 and older. Interested?
    Email Registration required –for any OATS outing- please call 860-441-6785.

    In May, we have a wonderful hike with Groton Utilities arranged for Friday, May 14th.

    On Thursday, June 24th we shall hike approx. 1.2 miles on the Kolnaski trail in the afternoon.

    We also will begin our kayaking program again at the end of June! Interested?

    Please call 860-441-6623 or email

    A perk of the pandemic has been more wonderful hiking and kayaking participation with our fabulous OATS group. Most recently, we celebrated spring with a wonderful hike at Copp Family Park on the yellow  trail.
    Thank you to all who have participated!

    Club 55 Flea Market and Bake Sale Saturday, May 15

    Club 55 Flea Market and Bake Sale  Saturday, May 15

    Rain date is May 22nd

    Outdoors  $15 per spot  Call 860-441-6785 to reserve your spot!

    Basket Raffle as well!

    Also, please bring your returnable cans and bottles to
    donate to Club 55 for recycling.

    Club 55 events are fundraisers for their High School Senior
    Achievement Awards. Please support Club 55 as they
    continue to support our local high school seniors and our
    local community.