Free Stuff and Discounts – Content by Judy

Don’t we all want something for nothing? Do you look for the bargains and ways to stretch every dollar? I’m drawn to the clearance signs like a bee to honey! So, I’ve come up with this list of discounts and free stuff for seniors, veterans and everyone else. And remember if you don’t ask you miss out.

  1. Look on Craigslist. They have a “free” listing under “for sale”.
  2. Facebook has any number of resale/yard sale pages.
  3. Free Hunting and fishing licenses if you are 65+.
  4. State parks + CT registration = free entrance. This is now included in our car registrations.
  5. Some Banks offer free checking and more.
  6. Free college tuition if you are 62+. Finish your degree. Take classes that interest you.
  7. Income tax returns – free with AARP trained preparers- check local senior centers for appt.
  8. Save 5-10% off your auto ins for taking a driving class – check senior center for AARP class.
  9. Retention dept for utilities – reduction for staying with that provider. This will take some time – maybe a half hour – but the discount will last 12-24 months.
  10. Prescription assistance for non-covered unaffordable meds – ask at your doctor’s office and ask your pharmacist.
  11. Legal assistance is available from several resources. Call 1-800-296-1467 or 1-800-453-3320 to get started.
  12. Your library – free and reduced passes to museums and attractions, e-books, e-audio.
  13. Discounts at restaurants and stores – one example is Kohl’s 15% every Wed for those 60+.
  14. Community Resources – Call or visit your Area Agency on Aging, Senior Centers or your Town’s Municipal Agent.
  15. Call your Town Hall. Town Clerks are a wealth of information.
  16. Don’t forget calling 211 –

17 Browse the internet. Check any number of websites. BUT be sure to check the date for when the article was published to help judge if the information is current.