NEW: Why Weight(s)? Class

Thursday at 9:00am., there will be a NEW Why Weight(s)? Class- Led by Jessie $5.00 a class. This class will be focused on building more muscle. After 50 years of age, muscle tone begins to decline 15% each decade.
Weights and body weight training help to develop stronger bones, boost metabolism, improve range of motion and endurance. This class is designed to work with these elements in increasing strength, flexibility and balance with focus on form and execution. We will work with compound exercises incorporating weights, body weight and increasing core strength. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring heavier weights (3-5lbs available at center) and a mat. (Once a month in summer to test interest then weekly starting in September.) Class $5.00 a class. Summer classes June 23rd, July 21st, August 18th. Call (860)434-4127 to register.